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  1. Project bite-01

    Saturday, January 19, 2013

    01-Poached egg in a garlic bread basket. 

    It's the day people. The day I start with my Project bite. (If you have no idea what Project bite is then click here. It's a post about Project bite) It's day 01 and my 1st 'creation' of the Project bite. So I'm gonna go with something simple yet difficult to make the perfect one. 

    It's poached egg. (in a garlic bread basket) Honestly, I feel you can do no wrong with garlic bread. If I can make garlic bread so can you. and I'm going to ask you guys the same question that I tweeted a few days back, "Can there be anything better than garlic bread?" I guess not.
    I know it's very easy to make garlic bread and you guys would already know how to make it. But I'm going to write about how to make garlic bread step-by-step with pictures. (Since I promised you guys pictures of the dishes I make in my previous post about Project bite.) My methods and the tips about poached eggs would come after the whole talk about garlic bread. I feel like I'm typing garlic bread too many times. Garlic. garlic. garlick. Gerlick. Garfield. Andrew Garfield. Seinfeld...  

    First, you need 3 or 4 cloves of garlic. It depends on how much bread you are going to use to make garlic bread. 
    I used 3 cloves of garlic for 3 slices of bread. First, you slice up the garlic. I like to 'bury' some garlic pieces in my bread so I slice the clove of garlic in half and then slice them real thin. Then you would need butter. It doesn't matter how much butter you use. You can never have enough butter. Even Julia Child loves butter. I used the mini slices of butter you get from the shops? You mostly use this butter for breakfast actually. But who are they to judge me? It's not like they're gonna come after me and say "You. yes you. I heard you used 'breakfast butter'. We came here to get justice for our breakfast butter" anyways. 

    Then you mix the butter and garlic. You should squish the pieces of garlic so the juices would come out of it and give you the actual flavor. You can remove the large pieces of garlic if you don't want them on your bread.  I like to chew some garlic which gives you the flavor of baked garlic.
    Now your butter and garlic mash would look something like that. (the above picture. I just had to state the obvious.)  Once again, if you don't want to chew pieces of garlic with the bread, now would be a good time to remove them.
    Apply the garlic and butter mix on the bread. Both sides. You don't want your garlic bread to taste like ordinary bread. 
    You can cut off  the crust if you don't want them. I wonder if there's something creative you could do with the crusts. I'm sure there would be some bread crust recipes. My schoolmates and I once tried to figure out something to do with the crusts during our 'Mega bites 2012' event  because we had a ton of crusts that day after making our house special 'rubiches', which was out of this world. Hats off to the chef (wasn't me, obviously. It was an 11th grader. He was a guy. Lucky his-future-wife.)

    . Your end product, after applying the garlic and butter mix would look something like this.
    Note the pieces of buried/ not buried pieces of garlic on the bread. The not-so-strong taste of those pieces  while eating this is a such a joy.
    Next, you just cook both sides of bread on a stick/non-sticky frying pan until they are golden brown and crunchy. This mostly depends on your taste. I actually don't like it when mine gets too brown or too crunchy. Your bread is ready now. It smells like Nigella Lawson. lol. I imagine she would smell like cinnamon, mint leaves, lemons, gingerbread and garlic. You are what you eat after all. Jk.

    Poached eggs are really amazing. You just cut through it and the yellow yolk oozes out like a river which has an increased viscosity. Many things could go wrong when you make poached eggs.

    My first time making poached eggs was horrible. I made egg soup instead. The gooey, white, sticky, unappealing, viscous white water. I wanted to practice to make poached eggs so 4 days ago I made my first one. Here's a picture of it. You can be the judge of my egg poaching skill. (The first time I mean. I can poach  an egg like Julia Child now.not. But I'm not this bad now.
    Not my finest moment. Is it just me or this looks like a human embryo of 44-47 days? O_O  
    After my first poached egg went wrong I searched Julia Child's method/advice/trick on making poached eggs. Prick the flat end of the egg with a needle and then cook it in boiling water for 10 seconds. Then, lower the heat, crack the egg and hold the egg as close as you can with a wooden spoon. You can use as many spoons as you want as long as you don't make egg soup.

    I also found pretty amazing, easy methods to make poached eggs. You could use silicon cupcake cups. You know, the kind which you are allowed to microwave? Just crack the egg into the cup and keep the cup in the boiling water and let it be for like 8 minutes. I think this is pretty neat and easy for beginners like us.
    You could crack an egg into a clingfilm then twist it and shut it and lower it into the boiling water. Let it be for a few minutes. You can get a pattern outside of your egg this way. or the method about using a cupcake cup.

    Timing is everything while making poached eggs. You need to be as quick as a rabbit. You don't want your egg to get overcooked to an extend where the yellowy-soul-brightening-yolk gets too hard and does not flow. That would be a disappointment.

    So which of these methods did I use? While I was making this guess what was on Fox movies HD? Julie and Julia. Wait..whaaat? It was just a coincidence. I, of course took a picture. Sorry for the low quality. They won't stop moving and I kind of have a crappy phone.

    I could not prick the egg so I just put the egg without pricking it into the boiling water. Left it for 10 seconds. Took it out. Cracked it into another bowl. Then poured it into the boiling water. At first I just swirled and swirled the water and made a vortex. Since it wasn't working very well I grabbed 2 metal spoons (Yes, metal. I also like to live dangerously. Jk. I did not have enough time to grab a wooden spoon. It was either metal spoon or egg soup with a hardened yolk.) I hold the egg as close and tight as I could.
    .....and I made the perfect poached egg.
    The black dots on it are pepper. You can add pepper and salt or maybe even some coriander if you want after  making it. I apologize for the low quality. Might not look that appetizing but trust me. It was really good. I will try to garnish my next dish. But you know, after making it, you just can't wait to eat it. There's no time to garnish it. 
    You can also add vinegar and salt to the boiling water. But I didn't add anything into the water and it was delicious. You can add vinegar and salt if you want some flavoring. or you can flavor it with some pepper and salt after, which was exactly what I did.

    Cut a hole in the middle of one bread slice . You could keep one whole slice under the holed one if you want to. Keep the egg in the hole. Poached egg in a garlic bread basket. The name goes well with the dish in my opinion.
    The best part is yet to come. When you cut open the egg with a piece of bread. Aaaaaaah! The sight of the yolk rushing out.
    Look at this. Wow. 
    The reason why I kept a slice of bread under the holed one is because after eating the egg, some of the yolk would now be on the slice which was kept under the bread.
    See what I mean?
     You can eat this slice straight away. or you could make a cheese,poached egg,garlic bread, salami, cucumber, tomato, garlic sauce and onion rings sandwich.

    I enjoyed my poached egg in a garlic bread basket with an iced lemon water. Not lemon tea. I was too lazy to make some tea or coffee after this. So I just sliced some lemons know the rest.

    One down. 99 to go. As I said, I might cook 100+ recipes if I make a 100 in 730 days. I even added a countdown.

    Happy egg poaching everyone. Bye.


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