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  1. Playing Bishop-02

    Wednesday, March 6, 2013

    “Bishop takes Knight. Check.” A man in his mid-forties said.
    “John, did your men take care of the business I talked to you about?”
    “King to rook two.” John said. “Yes sir!” John put his drink down on the shiny, priceless crystal table. Their maid has outdone herself yet again.
     “Rook to king’s rook three.  Check.” The man in his mid-forties made a circle in the air and closed his eyes. He had a fat Cuban cigar in his left hand.
    “Bishop to rook three. “ John said. “He took a plane to Heathrow today evening. It seems like he is headed to Hampshire.”
     The man put out his cigar after a long, deep drag. “Yeah! I’m not too pleased to hear that John! Bishop takes Bishop.”
     John carefully observed the chess board and took a deep breath. “Rook to bishop four.”
    “Rook takes Rook.”
    “Pawn takes rook”
    “Bishop to bishop seven.”
    “Queen takes knight pawn.”
     “Bishop to bishop eight. Discover check.” The man got up from his chair and said, “Take care of it John. Trust me; you do not want to see me disappointed.”
    John nodded obediently while the man headed out of the door.

    “Are you sure ma’am?” The officer asked.
    “Yes! I’m quite certain.” Laura said. “I would like to rest now officers.”
    The bald officer smiled and said “Have a good day ma’am.” and headed out of the emergency room.
    The man who assaulted Laura was still standing at the entrance of the emergency room. Giving Laura the cold stare which he has been giving her since their first ‘meeting.’ The man crossed his arms and started walking towards Laura.

    Laura tightened her fists around the sheets as if it was the last thing between her and death. ‘If I let go I will fall off this cliff.’ Laura thought to herself. The man finally approached her and he reached out his right hand towards Laura. Assuming he was going to hit her again Laura punched the man in his face with her knuckles.
    Her sensory nerves detected the stimulus promptly and she began to feel the impact of the collision between her knuckles and the man’s hard cheek bones.

    However, to her great surprise the man did not even flinch an inch. Instead he reached out to the juice jug on the side cupboard. Laura had a closer look at the tattoo on his forearm this time. He then poured himself a glass and drank it in one gulp and burped real loud. Laura was taken aback by his actions. ‘Oh shit!’ Laura thought to herself.
    “Yes! You are in a quite shitty situation right now. You just hit me in the face.” He said while putting down the glass on the side cupboard.
    Laura explained her actions when she realized that she has spoken her mind. “I am sorry. I thought you were going to-“but was cut off short by him.
     “Hit you? ” He said sharply  “We are even now. At least I don’t have to apologize.”
    He reached to his pocket and took out some dollars. After carefully counting them he handed $500 to her and said “Compensation.”

    Laura was taken aback by this and could not come up with a clever comeback. She was just sitting on her bed, puzzled as ever when he exited the room.
     Nonetheless she took out her cell phone and dialed a number and said “I think I found him.”

    I know. I promised that the next part would be longer. But I wrote this just now and I just couldn't wait to make it longer and then post it. Maybe the next part.


  2. Playing Bishop-01

    Monday, March 4, 2013

    Laura adjusted the hair pin in her already messed up hair. The 5 year old kid in seat E6 gave her a tough time with her constant crying and demands to get out of the ‘class room without any black board’.
    However she wore a smile and walked gracefully towards the man in seat B2 and asked politely.
    “Sir, we are going to land in Heathrow airport in a few minutes. I would I have to take your drink away now.”

    The man who had his head resting on the tray table lifted his head and stared at her. His eyes were pitch black and tired.
     Laura repeated, “Sir, I need to take your drink away now.  We are going to land any minute now.”
     She reached out to grab the drink with her slender fingers when the man beat her to it. He held the glass in his hands and tightened his fist around it.
     Laura feared that he might crush the glass into his hands. “Sir, I need to take the glass away now.” Laura, who is now a bit scared said.

    The man got up from his seat and pointed his finger to her forehead. Puzzled, Laura wiped off her forehead, assuming she had something on her forehead. The next thing she knew, the man smashed the glass onto her forehead. She fell onto her knees.
    The other passengers in flight Q2-120 rushed to her side. “Help!” she heard people saying. “She is bleeding. We need to tie it up.”  Another passenger said. “What the hell were you thinking? Are you crazy?” Another passenger started yelling. “Somebody alert the crew members and the captain.” Laura could feel the panic and adrenaline rush radiating from the people around her. Her vision started to get blurry. All she could see and hear now were the clear blue sky and the sound of gun shots.

    “Don’t worry. You will soon be back in Hampshire. Taking a bubble bath while reading your latest movie review.” A woman said. Laura giggled and said “Oh yeah? And what would you be doing? Running around the neighborhood trying to get people to work out?”
    “That doesn’t sound too bad.” The woman laughed and said.  “Let’s get out of here. If the boss catches us then we would have to do a hundred push ups and I don’t want to do that. At least not today.”
     Laura gazed at the sky. There was not even a single cloud to be in sight. She did not want to go back to the camp yet. She just wanted to lay there and maybe get herself a tan. “Oh we will. But right after I’m done with my tan.” Laura replied.  She closed her eyes in an attempt to absorb the smell of dry soil under her and the sunlight. It was then she heard gun shots not too far from her.

    "She is going to be fine, right?" Someone said. "Of course. She did lose some blood but it's been taken care of." A different person replied. Laura slowly opened her eyes only to get closed by the incredibly bright light. “She’s awake!” Someone cried. Everyone rushed to her side.
     Laura attempted to open her eyes again and this time she succeeded. “Hi. What happened?” She asked. “The passengers said that you were hit by a man. With a glass.” Carren, a crew member answered.
    “Oh!” Laura said. She looked around and 
    realized that she was in the emergency room at Heathrow airport. 
    “All of us were quite shocked actually. This is the first time a crew member was attacked with a glass in my flight.” Dan, the captain of the flight said. “We are glad to see that you are awake. Aaron said you could rest for 3 days.” Aaron is Laura’s supervisor. Laura nodded slowly. 
    At that instant two officers marched into the room and greeted them. One of them was short and stout with a bushy mustache while the other was skinny and bald. Laura’s peers left her with the officers. “Hello madam. We hope you are feeling better now and we are sorry to bother you at this time but it is our duty to take clear records of such an incident.” Laura shook her head and said “I am feeling better now. Thank you very much and it’s not a burden. I understand that it’s your duty to act so.” The bald officer smiled and asked “Please fill us in dear.”

    Laura cleared her throat and opened her mouth to speak when someone burst into the emergency door.
    It was that man. The man with the pitch black eyes. The man who assaulted her.He wore a relatively dark jeans which were matched with a white t-shirt. His dark-brown-almost-black hair was messy which seems outgoing leaving a curl or two hanging over the forehead. He had an olive complexion. She then caught the tattoo on the forearm of the man which said “σαμάριο”.

    Laura stared at the tattoo and said, “The glass slipped  and I was injured by the broken glass.” 

    Hey guys! It's been a while. How have you been?
    This is a story I started to write tonight and instead of posting it on wattpad via my 'mysterious' account I decided to post it here. I will try to update this once a week or once every two weeks. Or whenever I get time. But I can't make any promises since I'm really busy these days.

    Oh and the next part would be longer than this. I promise.

    I really hope you guys would like this. I didn't proof read it so if you find any mistake(s) please feel free to point them out.