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  1. Happy New Year

    Monday, December 31, 2012

    Happy new year. 2013  is finally here.
    Tonight actually reminds of last year's new year's eve. That night had everyone's adrenaline pumping. Here's why.

    My cousin had promised me a dinner a while back, before New Year’s Eve but couldn't give me what she promised because she was so busy living a life. But she was free on New Year’s Eve so she took me out to dinner.

    We went to Monsoon’s restaurant to have lasagna. But when we sat down and gazed around we noticed that the atmosphere was quite romantic. The candle light and you know the romantic stuff. Couples surrounded us.  So it was a bit weird. But we weren’t gonna just sit there and we feel uncomfortable and awkward. We called her boyfriend and he came after a while.

    I’m just gonna cut to the chase. (We had Spaghetti bolognaise. Deliiicious.)  After our dinner we called a taxi and were waiting outside. My cousin wanted to buy ‘this tie’ for her boyfriend but we (as in cousin and I) were not able to spot the tie from the store which had ‘that tie’. The store was near the restaurant so they decided to go to the shop and spot it through the window. But I said otherwise and waited for the taxi while they took off for the store.

    As soon as they got to the store the taxi arrived. I called out to them and signaled them ‘Hey! Umm.. the taxi is here. Come on!’ They took their time to come and they were lazily walking the distance when a cycle came. It was after 12 AM so there were no vehicles or walkers so they were walking without paying that much attention.

    You know how drivers, mostly bike drivers drive real close to the pavement but they miss the walkers by kind of in a weaving pattern? The driver did exactly like that. But his front wheel went up the pavement while the back wheel was not on the pavement. The bike went straight the pavement, half the pavement. He lost control of the bike and the bike went woosh . He was thrown out and landed right in front of me.
    There I was shocked. I kind of expected him to get up and start yelling ‘Hey! What the hell is your problem? You just ruined my evening. This is not how I wanted to spend my New Year’s Eve.’  I had a reason why I expected that from him. He was not friendly looking. You know the scary kind whom you expect that kind of reaction from.

    However he was in pain so he took his leg in his arms and well, you can tell he was in pain. I was still standing there. Frozen. Trembling.  It was as if someone had just given me a shot of adrenaline. My cousin and her boyfriend got away without even a scratch. They came running as fast as they can to him. The taxi driver also got out, people from the restaurant and it was getting crowded. People were yelling ‘Ice’. ‘Take him to the hospital.’ ‘How did this happen?’
    My cousin and I were standing there not knowing what to do or how to react. Her whispering, ‘It was kind of my fault’ was not helping at all. The police came a few minutes later and they took them to the hospital.  Some of the people from the crowd knew her boyfriend and they kept asking him what happened and there was a lot of other stuff, which I can’t remember. And the taxi driver kept asking if we wanted to go home or not. But my cousin was like ‘I can’t go home. It would be wrong. How can I go home?’ The typical reaction you expect from someone who just had an accident.

    Since the crowd was clearing off we decided to go home.  We were shaking on our way home and were so nervous. I’m sure she would blame it on her for the rest of her life if the man had any permanent damage.
    Her boyfriend called her and said the guy couldn't even put his foot down. And there was something about not being able to walk and stuff.  Luckily, we were able to sleep because he was taken to IGMH where her friend was on duty. She called and said there were no major injuries. Just some bruises. Thank god.  Our parents didn't know about the accident to this day. If they did, you know how parents always over react to stuff like this.

    That was New Year’s Eve 2012. Today, no accidents. So yay me.

    Have a great day. 


  2. How I met your mother

    Thursday, December 27, 2012

    So I've been watching How I met your mother for the past couple of weeks. A lot of it. And I just wanted to write a post about my favorite scenes from it. But I like F.R.I.E.N.D.S more than How I met your mother. It will always be F.R.I.E.N.D.S > How I met your mother.
    Again, the numbers don't mean anything. They are just numbers. But the last one is my favorite. You should read the last one even if you don't read the others.

    1.Tick tick tick.. (Season 07 Episode 10)
    I still don't and I guess I'll never understand why I like the scenes where people get turned down. Of course they are madly in love and stuff but gets constantly turned down by each other. Huh, maybe my soul is black.
    This episode Barney and Robin agreed to break up with Nora and Kevin and meet at MacLaren's. Barney broke up with Nora and he was waiting for Robin. Then when Robin shows up, Barney smiles but his smile fades when Kevin comes in after her. Barney was confused and was like 'What?' and Robin just shakes her head 'no.' It was the longest minute of his life, I wanna say? Then time froze and he finished his drink went up to the gang and called it a night. Now, my favorite scene is when Ted goes home and he sees Barney in Robin's room. Picking up rose petals from Robin's bed and putting them into  a garbage bag.

    Blowing off the candles that he lit for her. You can tell how heart broken he was from this scene. Plus, Ted was watching. I guess the scene doesn't get any better than that.

    The womanizing, awesome Barnacle was hurt. But that was really sweet of him, you know. The writers did an amazing job and yeah, he is a great actor. The scene was very emotional and sad and great. Okay, something's seriously wrong with me. I shouldn't find other's misery beautiful. But it was one of my favorite scenes from all of the seasons. (I mean season 1-season 8, episode 12)

    2.The leap. (Season 04 Episode 24)
    Yes, it's the leap scene. The scene at the end of the episode.
    Marshall wanted to jump to the rooftop patio one building over from theirs for years. (To reach the hot tub) It was about six or seven feet  across? But he couldn't jump. But when Lilly ended the motivational speech she gave to Ted with "...and take the leap." Marshall then got off the couch and went to the rooftop and jumped. building. It.was.awesome.

     And the song playing at the background was so good. It was the perfect song for the scene. It goes kind of like 'wakao.wakaa.' Okay not like Shakira's. But it was a great scene. Everyone followed Marshall. That scene was a great scene for a season finale. How cool would it be if you get to jump from one building to the next? Sure, it would feel like you are a superhero, running to catch the bad guy.

    3.Ten sessions (Season 3 Episode 13)
    The 2 minute date with Stella. Oh Ted. Teddy. Ted. Ted. I hate Ted. Hate is a strong word so let me rephrase that. I don't like Ted. He is like a 10 year old boy who loves the princess from his class and then later cries when she turns her down. He is always like 'The one. the one. I want to get married. The one. the one.' All.the.damn.time. And he tries so hard.
    When Stella said the only free time she gets is the 2 minute lunch break he planned a 2 minute date for her. Who does that? A hopeless romantic.

    The date, he took a taxi to go to the next building. The waitress brought a salad instantly and then Eggplant Parmesan. Paid the check and took a taxi again to go to a movie in 15 seconds. (Of course the taxi driver was Ranjeet) There were 2 chairs waiting outside a what looked like an electronic store with 2 popcorn cups? Watched an edited-only-important-parts of Manos: Hands of fate. Then walked her to her clinic. On the way they stopped for coffee and dessert. Gave her a doggy bag and flowers. (But she was allergic to flowers.) So yeah, it was a really great date and Ted, the love sick puppy was really sweet and stuff. But the song (obviously) playing at the background was awesome. It was the song in the scene where Eric comes home from Africa and surprises Donna in That 70's show. So yeah, I instantly recognized the song and Oh god! That 70's show. I should watch it after I'm done with this post.

    4. No pressure (Season 7 Episode 17)
    This episode Robin told Ted that she doesn't love him like that and Ted said the agreement 'If we are both 40 and single', the backup plan was off. At the end of this episode Ted goes out of MacLaren's he was wearing a black umbrella because it was raining. Usually it's all black umbrellas and one yellow umbrella. But this time it was all yellow umbrellas and only his black umbrella. 'Because kids, when a door closes, well, you know the rest.' Yes, this scene is not that special or anything but I kind of like it. My favorite scenes are usually really small scenes. The ones which doesn't matter actually.  But there are huge scenes as well.

    5.Girls Vs Suits. (Season 5 Episode 12)

    The suit song, of course. "Nothing suits me like a suit" Great job with the suit song.The video was awesome and the lyrics were awesome. I want what Barney wants. Every guy to suit up. The world would be a better, handsome, uncomfortable (for most of the people) place.

    So, here's the lyrics of the song. (I just wanted to write the lyrics here. I really liked the song. It's pretty long. Scroll down if you don't want to read it. or sing it. Captain obvious strikes again.)
    I know what you’re thinking
    What’s Barney been drinking?
    That girl was smoking hot
    Yes I coulda nailed her
    But no it’s not a failure
    ‘Cuz there’s one thing she is not
    To score a ten would be just fine
    But I’d rather be dressed to the nines
    It’s a truth you can’t refute
    Nothing suits me like a suit
    Picture a world where all the girls and boys
    Are impeccably well dressed
    That delivery guy in the jacket and tie
    That puppy in the double-breast
    That ’80s dude in mutton chops
    That baby with a lollipop
    That lady cop who’s kinda cute
    Nothing suits ‘em like a suit
    Wingman I can wear
    They’re oh so debonair
    The perfect way to snare
    a girl with daddy issues
    In navy blue or black
    Check out this perfect rack
    I want to give them a squeeze
    Oh really? Then answer these questions
    If you please
    What would you do if you had to choose
    Between your suits and a pot of gold? Suits.
    What would you say
    If you gave your suits away
    In return you’d never grow old? Suits.
    What would you pick
    One million chicks
    Or a single three-piece suit? It’s moot.
    What if world peace
    Were within your reach … Abbadabada I’m gonna stop you right there. It’s suits. Come on, Lily. Get your head outta your ass.
    Two! Three! Four!
    Girls will go and girls will come
    But there’s only one absolute
    Every bro on the go needs to know
    That there’s no accepted substitute
    I’m sorry suits, let’s make amends
    My Sunday best are my best friends
    Send casual Friday down the laundry chute
    ‘Cuz nothing suits the undisputed oft-saluted suitor of repute
    Like a …. wait for it …
    Then again, she is pretty hot.

    6. The final page, part 2 (Season 8 Episode 12) (You should really read this whole thing. This proposal is awesome.)
    You must be mentally ill if you didn't like Barney's proposal. to Robin. It was well planned and legen..wait for it..dary. Legendary! So it was no shock when Robin said yes. I mean come on, even I would have said yes. Stinson set the stakes pretty high. Bad news for guys planning proposals.
    Robin went to the WWN roof because of Ted. and she loves Barney. When she got there she saw a romantically decorated but empty roof with a piece of parchment on the floor. She picks it up (It was a page from Barney's playbook and  it read :
    "The Robin"
    Step 1: Admit to yourself that you still have feelings for this girl.
    Step 2: Choose the completely wrong moment to make a drunken move after hanging out at a strip club and get shot down on purpose.
    Step 3:Agree that you two don't work, locking the door on any future that you could have together. Which will drive Robin nuts.
    Step 4: Robin goes nuts.
    Step 5: Find the person who annoys Robin the most in the world and ask for her help. Explain everything to Patrice and hope she agrees to help.
    Step 6: Check with your doctor about possible broken ribs.
    Step 7:Pretend to be dating Patrice.
    Step 8: Wait until Robin inevitably breaks into your place to find the playbook and show it to Patrice, which you'll monitor via the hidden cameras you have in your apartment.
    Step 9: After Patrice find the playbook, you have your first big fight.
    Step 10: Prove your loyalty to Patrice by burning the playbook, and actually burn it. You don't need it anymore.
    Step 11: Because your friends have no boundaries they will inevitably have an intervention for Robin, which you'll monitor via the hidden cameras in Lilly and Marshall's apartment.
    Step 12: Tell only Ted about your plan to propose to Patrice.
    Step 13: Wait and see if Ted tells Robin, and if he does it means your best bro in the world has let go of Robin and has given you his blessings.
    Step 14: Robin arrives at her favorite spot in the city and finds the secret final page of the Playbook. The last play you'll ever run.
    Step 15: Robin realizes she's standing underneath a mistletoe.

    Barney then steps out to confront her. Robin instead berates Barney for his trick and that trick could not bring them together. Barney then says "Turn it over"
    She turns it and it read "Step 16: Hope she says yes"

    Barney then kneels before her with a ring "Robin Scherbatsky..Will you marry me?"

    She says, "Yes." and it started snowing.
    Wow. The best scene of How I met your mother.

  3. Favorite movie scenes-part 1

    Saturday, December 22, 2012

    Everyone has different favorite scenes from movies. Here are some of my favorite scenes. The numbers doesn't mean that it's my number 1 or anything. It's just numbers.
    I have a lot of favorite movie scenes but this post contain favorite scenes from only 4 movies. I've been a bit busy. But I will post more favorite movie scenes later. Maybe I might even post favorite scenes from TV series.

    1.Men in Black 3.

    My favorite scene is when the younger Boris the animal with two arms surprise K and colonel. K then kills Boris the animal after he killed the colonel. A boy who was inside a military vehicle then exits the vehicle and calls 'Daddy. Daddy'. K then introduces himself as 'Hey, my name is K. What's your name?' The boy replies. 'James.'

    He then saw the pocket watch which was revealed earlier to have been passed downed to Agent J by his father. The colonel. K neuralyzes the younger James and told him his face is a hero. Agent J was watching this whole thing happen. The fact that he was watching this whole thing and finding out the truth about the watch and explaining Jeffrey's revelation that he was there makes it one hell of a scene.
    Then there was the scene at the Shea stadium. The Griff was viewing his favorite Mets game in probability. He was viewing through this portal? The portal looked really good. Electric blue-ish. That's exactly how I've imagined a portal. How cool would it be if you could view your favorite moments in history like that?

    2. Red riding hood.

    Valerie (the red riding hood) assumes Peter (her lover who is a woodcutter) was actually the wolf so she stabbed him and ran away to her grandmother's cottage. (In this movie the wolf returns to its human form after transitioning into a wolf as it's a werewolf. You don't understand a thing I'm saying, do you? Never mind) But it turns out to be her father. He was waiting for her in her grandmother's cottage. Her father wanted to leave the village and he wanted Valerie to come with him. She refused her father's offer and started to fight. Peter then came and help her kill the wolf. But he got bitten by it. As it was the blood moon week Peter became a wolf because he got bitten. He then leaves the village promising that he will return only after he learns how to control his curse.

    Now my favorite scene is the ending scene. Valerie moved into her grandmother's cottage. Valerie was outside the cottage when she hears a slight growl in the dark. She turns around and saw the wolf and smiles. In the background this eerie beautiful song starts playing. So so so beautiful. I sometimes play this scene over and over again just to hear the beginning of the song. I know. I'm weird. The beginning of the song is the my favorite part. Here's a link for the song. Crystal visions by the big pink.

    3.Pearl Harbor.

    The funny thing about this movie is that I kind of figured out the whole thing when Rafe crashed his plane into the Channel. I knew he didn't die and obviously Evelyn and Danny will get together and she will get pregnant. It's one of the side effects of watching too many movies. and series.

     Even the mysterious ones, you solve the mystery on your own and find out the killer is before it is revealed,(It is mostly the unexpected ones. The wife or the husband or the friend or brother. Someone close to the dead guy.) except 'Sherlock'. But I knew Irene's lock code before Sherlock found out. I was so proud of myself. Anyway, back to the movie. You should really watch Sherlock. It is awesome. I think my brain's foldings increased since I started watching Sherlock. Haha.

    The surprise Japanese attack scene. They sank battleships and many many  other ships. Whirlpools were created with every shot. It was pretty cool. Well, it was directed by Michael Bay so I guess that explains it.
    There was one more scene which I really liked. After the war, after Danny died, Evelyn and Rafe got together. Evelyn and Danny's son. He was playing with some grass? or visiting Danny's grave? I dont remember. Rafe comes to him and says 'Hey Danny, how'd you like to go flying?'  and they fly off in the old biplane. That was a great scene. Not only you see Rafe and Evelyn together but you also see 'their' son named Danny. and the fact that Danny, (the old actual one) died makes this a great movie. (my pov)
    See, this is why I say beautiful movies are the ones in which a main character dies.

    4.The Hunger Games.

    Great movie. I loved it. The whole movie was amazing. Truly captivating.
    The scene where Katniss goes for the evaluation. Her first shot didn't hit the target so the 'evaluators' they laughed and carried on with their conversation and dinner? Katiness was puzzled? Confused? I don't know the exact word. Then she shoots the bullseye. But no one paid any attention. So she shot the apple which was in the pig's mouth leaving all of them shocked. She bows and says 'Thank you for your consideration.' That was pretty daring. I loved Jennifer Lawrence in the movie.
    She is actually pretty funny. I've seen a lot of interviews of her. Really bubbly and friendly. I've watched a lot of interviews of celebrities and her interviews are the ones which I can say is you can never get sick of them? You don't know what she might say. Down to Earth and everything. I hope the fame doesn't change her.

    Okay, so the next scene I like is her interview scene before the televised games. It made me wonder 'Hmm..maybe that actually happened to her in real life.' (Her first interview I mean) She didn't hear what the interviewer was saying because she was bewitched by the huge audience. They were cheering her and everything. Then she swirls to show her dress on fire. That's some cool stuff.
    The next scene has to be the first few minutes of the televised games. Half of the tributes got killed. It was an excellent scene. The tributes running, trying to survive some grabbing some supplies. Katniss running, grabbing some stuff and heading to the woods? You can actually feel the adrenaline pumping? Her quickened breath and heartbeat rate. Yeah, It was pretty intense.


  4. Ambition for the night

    Thursday, December 20, 2012

    I want to be an interior designer. (tonight)
    Why, you asked? Because it's just ablah. I said ablah because I have a lengthy explanation for wanting to become an interior designer. Here it goes.

    I have been watching this show called 'The Apartment-style edition' on Star World (HD, I just had to write HD because I watch it in HD and it is so clear. You can see all the facial hair and the arm hair and the freckles.It's like they just washed their body and all the makeup is gone. Seriously, once you watch in HD there is no going back to non-HD) for the past nine weeks.

    I was able to watch the first episode because I was home alone and I did not have anything to watch so I decided to watch some TV and this show was on.
    The grand prize of the show was an apartment (for the rest of their lives) and it's not 'just an apartment'. It's an upcoming launch by Sime Darby property in August 2012. Here are some pictures.

    Eight couples had to compete in this battle with extremely high stakes.They had to design and decorate an entire house (that includes 1 bedroom, 1 guest room, 1 kids room, a dinning room+kitchen, 2 bathrooms, a garden, 1 study/wellness room, 1 leisure room and a living room) a room each week in a given time (usually it was 15 hours but sometimes they were given 10 hours. 24 hours for the finale) with a design challenge to test the contestants teamwork and ability to be creative under extreme pressure. The overall theme is glamour though. Each team was given a budget. Each week one team was eliminated and weekly winners were given $5000 to work for the next week's challenge and sometimes dinners with celebrities, trip to some island and etc.. The head judge was Lauren Llwewellyn Bowen, who is the UK's favorite designer and he designed the Queen's Jubilee decorations with the W1. The host and mentor was Jamie Durie who is wow. By wow I meant a great mentor, not the other kind of wow. But he is a good looking man as well.

    Now, my favorite couple was 'Bros united'; Jesper (Canadian) and Killian (American). Their name is the only meaningful name of all the other team names. They are brothers who live in different continents. Jesper, who is a photographer lives in Asia and Killian, a graphic designer lives in America. So they united to take part in the show hence 'Bros united.'

    I was rooting for them the whole time. They were the only team who actually were thinking out of the box and building furniture from scratch. They were expressing who they were in every room they designed and taking risks, That's exactly why they were my favorite and why I 'looove' them.

    Their designs were not safe and boring. They used their own photographs in their design. A true artist makes his or her art the main focus after all. Anyways, they are awesome. Their designs are awesome.
    This was the 7th week challenge; The leisure room. Each of the team were given an item of a 'mystery celebrity' who was gonna be a guest judge that week. They got her hand bag. Since the main the overall theme was glamour and since celebrity=hollywood (now take a good look at the picture).

    Look at that room. It looks like a room of a house in LA. I loved the Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe print on the wall. It goes really well with the pink wall. If it was in black and white then it would be kind of odd. The fact that it's blue makes you wonder. "Interesting. Blue prints? Why would they choose blue and not the original color? Is it safe? Are they color blind? Or maybe it has something to do with Killian being a graphic designer." Once again, taking risks and not playing it safe. The long pieces of wood above the tv? they made that. They won this challenge and got $5000 for their next challenge, 5 hours to use the handy men for free, a trip to Bali, and a dinner with the 'mystery celebrity', who was the first lucky woman to go on a date with Killian and Jesper both btw. Jesper's engaged so she had no chance with him.

    I dont like these photos of their rooms. You can't see the designs clearly. Like the labelled drawers and cupboards. Yeah, they actually labelled the cupboards and drawers which is easier  and hey you don't have to spend too much time finding a spoon or a cup so it saves time. Now that's clever. The lime wall goes really well with the white deer head and the paintings. It's like you can taste the citrus lime.They forgot to buy a dinning table so they had to make their own dinning table. Oh yeah! Now that's what I'm talking about. If I were in that situation I would have cracked. But not these bros.

    Notice anything weird about this bedroom? Continue reading and you'll know what it is.
    This was the first week's challenge. They actually won the first week's challenge but since this 'bedroom' is weird Laurence took their prize and gave it to Team Dali (my second favorite team) because this 'bedroom' is a bit weird. They had to finish designing and decorating the room within 15 hours. Since it was their first challenge they couldn't get the mattress in the bed on time. They were trying to bring it upstairs, to the bedroom when Jamie was saying '3..2..1..That's it guys! Great job." The fact that the judges thought this was the only room which was glamorous even without the mattress is something. That means these bros are great at interior designing and 'glaming' things or more specifically 'glaming' rooms up.

    These bros were the only team who did not get mad and were not at each other's throat every now and then.  unlike The Opportunists; Chelsea and Alex.


    The Opportunist, they were constantly fighting, cursing, trying to get a driller in each other's head while working. It was mostly Chelsea's fault because she makes all of the decision. No teamwork whatsoever. It's always about her and always ordering Alex to shut up. Her attitude is just bleh. Alex was very patient with her. But I liked 3 of their designs. The walls of the kids room, the study and the plant selection behind the kitchen.

    That wall is just perfect for a kid's room. Dark blue, yellow, green and light blue is a clever combination. They had so much fun and were not fighting while making this wall. The wall liberates fun. o.o

    Can you guess what they used to create this wall? Is it a wallpaper?

    I am definitely going to do this on a wall. It is so creative. The teams were asked to do something eco friendly that week and what better way to be eco friendly other than recycling old newspapers and old boats? Chelsea had this great idea. They crumpled newspapers and glued them to the wall. It looked great. It might not seem that great in these pictures but when they showed the whole room on tv, it was great. You just want to hug the wall and rub your face against the wall, like Jamie. (He rubbed his face on the wall) 

    Team Opportunist's plant selection at the back of the kitchen
    The Strangerz's dinning room. Since the theme was 'an occasion' they said it was an Italian dinner in Asia. They red things on the wall are red bowls. I know right. Creative.
    This part of the 'Zen bathroom' of Team Opportunist looks very calm and peaceful. It makes me want to design my own bathroom. God I wish I were an interior designer right now. Or just designing a room.  
    I got very excited every Thursday for this show. I just loved it and it ended today. Maybe this post was a way to express how much it meant to me? Okay that sounds a bit weird.
    Now the question for those who didn't watch the show will be 'Did bros win?' or 'Who won the apartment?'
    Bros were eliminated last week. They came as 3rd. I know. Their design was amazing. If I were the judges I would choose Dali and Bros for the finale however sadly, The Opportunists and Dali went to the finale. I was appalled when Bros got eliminated.

    The key to Bros united's apartment. This was from the week they got eliminated. Each week the team which gets eliminated has to hang their keys in a square thingy. This was from before they gave up their key.                     
    Dali and Opportunists were the final teams and they had to polish their whole apartment. Right what they did wrong and get ready for a house party where guests come and cast their vote for the best home.
    Phil and Iva; Team Dali
    The winner was Team Dali; Iva and Phil. They were the only couple in the show who were in a relationship. I mean romantically involved (Other teams were also in a relationship. Like bros and bros? ) Anyway they are very sweet and so adorable. Phil asked Iva to marry him tonight after they won the apartment and of course she said yes. They have been together for more than 2 years now.

    Phil proposing to Iva
    Oh, I almost forgot. Bros had a live chat with 'fans'. Anyone could ask them questions and they would answer them. I asked them 2 questions and they answered. Oh my god I had a conversation with the bros. Haha. My questions were kind of lame. But here they are and the bros response.

    Hey, this post is long. I'm going to pen off now. But here's one more picture of the bros from the grand finale of the show. Take care guys and watch this show online or something. It is awesome.


  5. The fashion revolution

    Monday, December 17, 2012

    Hello. How have you been?
    So this post, it might not be my area of expertise but I want to write a post about this. So here it goes.
    This might be a bit dull so I will post a rather interesting one tomorrow.  It's just I had this urge to write this dull post. and publish it.

    People are very concerned about their appearance these days. If they have an occasion to attend to, they start to get ready for it week before. They visit fashion designers and express their preferred styles which the designers then obediently design and voila! we are able to see various fashion designs. This sure is a fashion revolution and since everything has its pros and cons wearing fashionable clothe also has both pros and cons.

    It has to be agreed that people feel confident when they are more familiar to something. 'Are you afraid of the dark?' Most kids will say yes because they are not used to being in the dark. But once they get older they tend to be in the dark while sleeping and watching movies so they are not afraid of the dark anymore. I lost you didn't I, with the whole trying to--never mind.
    Yeah likewise, having a personal style that is unique and that can reflect 'yourself', yet fashionable can give a person more confidence. Also,  wearing stylish, yet clean-cut tailored clothes can cause others to take you more seriously, (except Barney Stinson. But I think everyone should suit up because it makes them handsome?) which would without a doubt help you in various ways in the society.
    One of the biggest advantages of fashion is that dressing properly and age appropriately causes people to value and respect you more. A person respected in such a way is obviously Kate Middleton. She is the Duchess of Cambridge and people respect her for that. However teens, adults, fashion bloggers, paparazzi, other celebrities, critics (This could go on for a while so let's say everyone) respects her for incredible and elegant wardrobe.

    Leighton Meester, she has just started to get invitations from high fashion designers due to her beautiful, yet proper and elegant wardrobe. This shows that trendily dressed people tend to attract more positive attention. In addition to this, some of us (mostly women) enjoy fashion. It makes them well, complete? and if offers more job opportunities to the society. People consider it as a form of art. It is art. Not everyone can come up with lovely ideas. (I mean me)

    Despite the merits, opponents might say that fashion can consume huge sums of money. Which is totally true.
    "I have nothing to wear." might be the biggest lie most women tell. You have a gigantic wardrobe, the size of a huge room full of evening wear, casual wear, pajamas, shoes, bags, glasses, ear rings and toe rings? Joking. But you get my point. The opponents also say that the fashionable people think more about themselves. They get self-centered and self-conscious. They have to look better than everyone else, which results in people calling preeetty colorful names. Females I mean. Males? Yeah you guys are alien species to me when it comes to this field. Maybe because I've never seen you guys struggle with this 'fashion emergencies' and stuff. It's kind of not fair. School uniform. You get up late and boom where's the damn shirt. Boom. where's my trousers. No need to wear socks. My belt? aah. probably not important. and Kaboom! It's done. I have absolutely nothing against your 'species'.

    However, the pros far outweigh the cons. You cannot become someone else by copying their style. You have to be your self in order to succeed in this cruel world. (God. I'm so deep. Jk) Because the world doesn't need another Nicki Minaj.