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  1. I have a folder full of pictures like these. They make me very happy. Some of them might be a bit weird but I have a good explanation for each one of them. I hope they make you just as happy as they make me.

    This picture has been my wallpaper a couple of times. A single goldfish in a bowl is actually not that happy for most people but I don't know why I just love this picture. 

    I love my bed. This might be one of the reasons why I am single right now. I sometimes hug my bed and laugh like   a hyena. I'm not joking.
    Maybe because I have a strange fascination about lemons?  I don't really know. It just makes me gay. (Not the homosexual gay.)
    A cheese board? YESSS!! I love cheese. I love pictures of cheese. 
    Come on. I need to be a bit feminine and I love this photography.  Sadly I don't remember where I got this picture.
    I used to love them. This was from my favorite season. They are so great together? lol. I don't have a good explanation for this picture. 
    Around and around and around and around and around. The faster it goes the better it gets. 
    Mmm...childhood. Although my forts were not this fancy.
    If I were to write an article about hope or something I would definitely use this picture. Because this picture is the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word 'hope'. 
    This is awesome. Projecting stars onto a wall and standing there? This is my idea of a  perfect date. or maybe not? O_O This reminds me of Ross and Rachel. The one where Ross and know. (S02E15)
    I  have the weirdest crush on John Mayer. I don't actually like like him or find him good good looking? But I think he is strangely very hot and stuff? It's just bizarre. 

    Haha. It's the famous kiss picture. 
    "Nobody puts baby in the corner." I just had to write that here. Read it in Johnny's voice. This was the best scene in the movie. The iconic lift is just so happy? 

    Recognize this, Nerd herders? Wow! I just, Chuck is so so so so so so awesome.  Chuck and Sarah are the only couple which I truly adore. This picture is their dream before Sarah lost her memory. Some people were not very happy with the ending but I thought it was brilliant. Sarah can fall in love with Chuck again even without the intersect in his head. The ending was left to us to end? We can assume anything, which is great. (S05E11)
    Peonies. My favorite flower. 
    It looks very warm and welcoming. Plus the bougainvillea at the back. :)

    I shall add more pictures later.
    Oh and which one(s) is your favorite picture? and why?

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    1. Khai Ruu said...

      Fort because its fun and reminds me of childhood.
      Bed because I'm lazy.

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