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  1. Project bite-02

    Thursday, February 14, 2013

    02-Pasta salad with Tandoori chicken 

    It's my second 'creation' of the project bite (To read about project bite click here.) and now I have 703 days to go. 2 out of a 100 (or more) recipes.
    I know I did tell you guys that I will be posting pictures along with the post but today, I have no pictures. I actually sort of forgot to take pictures during the But I included pictures from (drum rolls) Google.

    Some people (Mostly Italians, obviously) say that the taste differs from each type of pasta to the next. They even have different names in different languages and their shapes and sizes are also different. Here we don't make pasta scratch. We just buy them from stores. (Like how we buy all the other things from the store as well. Seriously, we are a lazy breed. Including myself.) My favorite one is the long rough shells. You can stuff cheese and meat and any weird stuffing you want into it. It's called Manicotti shells. Which one is your favorite?

    To make pasta salad of course you will need pasta. The quantity depends on how much you are making.
    Cherry tomatoes, green peas (frozen, unfrozen, right out of the garden etc...), carrots (grated), pumpkin, (Just a little bit of it), cucumber, green onions are the vegetables you will need. (You can add or remove any vegetables you want. This isn't Sheldon Cooper's recipe.) I didn't specify the quantity because I myself don't know. Plus the quantity depends on your taste buds. Chop them up and stir in a bowl to combine. Refrigerate this for like 5 hours or less.  

    When it's time for dinner cook the pasta according to the directions on the packet. (or be a bad ass for once and cook it by 'unfollowing' the directions. It isn't rocket science now, eh?) Drain and rinse the pasta in a bowl. Over cooked pasta is a pain. Most of us know that. My sister and I made this and our pasta was a bit overcooked. It looks creamy as it is when it's overcooked. We were a bit disappointed at first but then the result was awesome even with overcooked pasta. It isn't as dry as the 'normal cooked' pasta. It's much more moist and hence tastes better.

    Then add the cooked/over cooked pasta into the refrigerated vegetables. (Make sure you take the refrigerated container out of the refrigerator before you do this. You don't want to release any more CFCs into the atmosphere. Nope. I am thinking a 'bit green' today.) Add mayonnaise and sour cream into the mixture and mix them well. Grate cheese of your choice. Your pasta salad is ready now.
    You can eat this salad as it is or eat it with chicken of your choice. I ate it with tandoori chicken. (Yes, I made it as well. (not) We bought it.) You can do no wrong with tandoori chicken. I love tandoori chicken. On pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, salads or as it is.

    Happy pasta salading with tandoori chicken guys.

    PS: I kind of need some recipes or something to cook for my project bite. Now I have so many options and I don't know which one to choose. So if you could suggest something that would be great. You can suggest any recipe/dish via the shout box or just comment. 

    Yeah. Bye. 

  2. Note: This post was referred to as 'Silly little things!' in my light years post. 

    Yesterday I had to write a 'dhathurunaamaa'. (A travel journal? I don't know the correct term for that.) It was about a guy who goes to an uninhabited island to capture turtles. We must assume that they face pretty scary shit on that island. One person was nearly killed but at last they made a narrow escape and returned home after midnight.
    I have never faced a scary situation (and by scary scary I mean something supernatural. like a ghost actually?)..yet. Since it was a Dhivehi work it needs to make sense to 'the Maldivians.' And here in Maldives the idea of something supernatural would be a woman with long hair wearing a rai libaas (For those who don't know what a rai libaas is there'll be a picture somewhere in this post.) or the famous 'bodumeehaa'.

    I have to admit that I did actually watch a few Dhivehi movies when I was a kid. I still remember 2 or 3 'scary' Dhivehi movies. One of them was called 'E dhathuru' (That trip). A bunch of 'teens' go to this uninhabited island for a picnic but then one guy threw a crab at night somewhere in the jungle which hit a ghost. (A woman, obviously. I don't know why but Dhivehi film 'makers' can only picture ghosts as a woman. except Fathishandhuvaru. I totally forgot about that one but in my defense I didn't watch the movie.) Thus strange, weird things started happening to them.

    The other movie I still remember is called..umm..I forgot the name so I'll just call it  pebble. Oh who cares. It was a lame one anyway. But I did fear going to the bathroom. Why you asked? Well, I was like 10? or 8 when I watched it. and in the movie there was this octopus, in the toilet seat. So yeah, there's that. Once again in pebble the ghost was a woman. (The woman who played the ghost in this movie was famous for playing 'ghost' roles in movies. She said that people actually were afraid of her back then. That is so cool.)

    The actual subject of this post is superstitions and Maldivian folklore .(Mostly about supernatural creatures.)  Maldivian superstitions to be exact. (For those who fear supernatural powers, YES! I'm talking about you. You are in for a treat....sort of)
    The 'E dhathuru' movie, I wrote that the guy hit the ghost with a crab? When I was kid, before my mother threw out something at night she says this thing. (A prayer? A warning to the ghost?) In Dhivehi we call 'Gai kolhu gai gai dhuru' It's said as a warning to the supernatural creatures so that they would get out of the way and avoid getting hit by the stuff we throw. (This reminds me of the Sulaimaanugefaanu incident. You know the one. The ants? Yes. That one. I knew you were a genius. :P)
    So yeah, there's that. I wrote about 'gaikolhu gai gai dhuru' in my dhathurunaamaa. (Travel journal) One guy went to North of the island for fishing (alone, obviously. I had to make it scary.) however he caught a crab instead of a fish so he just threw it. (So Sherlock, you figured out my travel journal already? There is no more mysteries in life. I blame the social networks. Jk. Woohoo! I'm just overwhelmed because I will get to see season 3 of Sherlock real soon as they starts filming next month. Ohmygaaaaaaaod! If you don't watch Sherlock then I hate to say this but you should be ashamed. It is a crime not to watch Sherlock. It's not like our regular series. In a season there's 3 episodes and each episode is 1 hour 30 mins long. Believe me when I say it is epic. )
    I know that this is irrelevant but I just had to. This is so awesome that I could cry.  It's one of my favorites and it would soon be yours.
    Back to superstitions. 'Bodumeehaa' is quite famous among Maldivians. (There's this story about Hulhule' Bodumeehaa in one of our Dhivehi textbooks. I think it was when they were constructing the airport? I'm not so sure. But if you know which grade it is then please feed me with your information. I'm sure some of my readers would want to read it.) It is said that there's one of the 'bodumeehaa' in each island. Apparently it's like extremely tall. (Extremely tall would actually be an understatement.) I am a quite lost..for words. SLENDER MAN! Yes! It's the Maldivian Slender man. However I don't know about the face and the suit. I never heard any descriptions about the face. Maybe it's because he is soo tall that no one ever saw his face?
    'Bodumeehaa' is the Maldivian Slender man even though I'm not so sure about the face..and the suit.
    I am a supporter of 'Men should always wear suit'. Just saying.
    Next, the classic woman in a red dress. (or libaas to be exact.) They are beautiful and charming. These women already made quite a lot of appearances at different places. For instance in the jungle (obviously), at the side of an isolated road at dawn and in the evening. Here we call it 'handi'.
    Rai libaas. (The red dress of the famous 'handis' (ghosts)
    There's this folk story about one of these women. It's famously known as 'handi ganduvaru dhonkamana.' (English translation: Fair lady of the ghost palace. lol. This translation is really funny.) She met this guy in the jungle and they fall in love. When he asked her to marry him she said she would but under some conditions; he must never come in to the kitchen while she is cooking and he shouldn't spy on her and ask questions. He agreed to her conditions and got married. They were living happily for a while (They even had children.) until his friend, a sorcerer (or fandithaveriyaa in Dhivehi) visited him. The minute he saw his wife he knew she wasn't human and told him that.
    The husband then spies on her. When it was time to cook he saw her go to the bathroom and bent into the well (before the whole technological era we bathed from a well.) and took out living fishes. (The ones which fishermen catch from the oceans.) She then went to the kitchen and instead of wood she used her legs to cook. He broke their agreement and she was sad because he did that. She took off with their children, leaving him behind. (Thus marks the beginning of getting divorced/separated/taking off in Maldives. Jk.)

    Then there's the 'Rannamaari' story. (I kind of believed in rannamaari till I was like 7 or 10. I did not know the whole story but after a rainy night my place was such a mess. Leaves and branches everywhere. My lovely brothers then scare me saying that it was rannamaari. They had their fun. I wish I get to scare someone like that...Oh wait! I have my niece and nephew. Haha.)
    Okay! Focus! Rannamaari was the story behind country's conversion to Islam. In this interesting one there's this sea monster, (Sea monsters is called  fureytha in Dhivehi.) referred to as 'Rannamaari' which haunted the people of Maldives for like forever. Every month the people had to doll up a virgin and gift her to the demon at an isolated temple. The next morning the dead body can be found. A sacrifice. The girl is chosen similar to Russian Roulette. A Muslim traveler, Abul Barakaatul Yousuful Barubaree's landlord's daughter was chosen to be sacrificed. He suggested that he should go to the temple instead of the girl. He took her place and recited Quran in the temple. The demon disappeared and that was it. Rannamaari was never heard of again.

    I have more stories/superstitions of this country. But I think this would do for now. I wouldn't want to be the reason you can't sleep tonight now, would I? I, myself am trying not to think of the fact that I'm finishing this post at night and I'm alone. Oh shit! I am alone. and I just wrote about... I should go watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S now. That will make me forget all about this.

    Yeah.Potassium.Bye now.


  3. Light years

    Wednesday, February 13, 2013

    Hello there. How have you been?

    I'm really sorry that I haven't posted anything in a very long time. I have been a busy bee. ( no. I'm not a bee.) and sorry for letting my 'loyal readers' down. This is my last semester and I get no time to spare. But then there's this saying, 'You can only get time when you make time?' I donno. Anyways, this post, (light years) is a bit of a preview of my future posts. (I didn't have to write that. I'm sure you know since this is my second light year post. I posted one similar to this one this one time when I was crazy busy.)

    Here's a window to what's in store for you guys. I will try to finish them by Wednesday. (Next week)

    01.Silly little things!
    .....Yesterday I had to write a 'dhathurunaamaa'. (A travel diary? I dont know the correct term for that.) It was about a guy who goes to an uninhabited island to capture turtles. We must assume that they faces pretty scary shit on that island. One person was nearly killed but at last they made a narrow escape and returned home after midnight.
    I have never faced a scary situation (and by scary scary I mean something supernatural. like a ghost actually?)..yet. Since it was a Dhivehi work it needs to make sense to 'the Maldivians.' And here in Maldives the idea of something supernatural would be a woman with long hair wearing a rai libaas (For those who don't know what a rai libaas is there'll be a picture somewhere in this post.) or the famous 'bodumeehaa'......
    .....The actual subject of this post is superstitions. Maldivian superstitions to be exact. (For those who fear supernatural powers, YES! I'm talking about you. You are in for a treat....sort of)......

    02.Project bite-02
    Pasta salad with tandoori chicken

    03. Raging thunder. (Are you a poker?)

    04. Mac and cheese
    There are some songs that I cannot listen to if I don't see the music video. The songs are really awesome but it's like mac and cheese or peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and chocolate syrup. They have to be together. I just have the urge to watch the video. Some of the videos that I like to watch with the song aren't even the official videos. Some are fan made. and some of them are from movies. You know, the background music of a scene? and then you feel like the song fits that situation the most.

    05.The oak tree
    (Ahthu's request)

    06. Playing Stairs.
    (Fazeel's idea.)
    ..It's fun. You can slide on them. You might even fall and break your nose. or your hip. or your...
    ....but how many of you guys know that you can play stairs in your notebook? At school. at a cafeteria?....

    07.Favorite movie scenes-part 4
    Silver linings playbook
    Abraham lincoln vampire hunter
    The three musketeers

    08-Person of interest
    It's an awesome Tv-series.

    I will see you guys later. Maybe even tonight. with a post

    Here's a picture that lights the cackle of my heart. It's my current wallpaper. (Yeah! I'm one of those who change their wallpapers pretty often.)


  4. Favorite movie scenes-part 3

    Saturday, February 2, 2013

    For the third time, the numbers don't mean anything. :)

    1-Scott Pilgrim vs the world
    You cannot (emphasize on cannot) find any reason to dislike/hate this movie.  I mean , come on! It's Scott Pilgrim. There can never be a person who hates Scott Pilgrim. If there is, this scene should change your mind.
    It's kind of difficult to select the best scene from a lot of awesome scenes. It's actually unhealthy since you are under a lot of pressure. (The pressure of choosing a scene from an awesome movie is a lot of pressure and most people just crack under this kind of pressure.) If you read my previous Favorite movie scenes posts you would know that I like to watch my favorite scene(s) over and over again. This is one of the little things in my life which makes me extremely gay. (The traditional gay. Not the usual homosexual gay. Gay as in lively mood or happy or gleeful.. )
    For those who don't know about this movie, it's kind of like a video game. Leveling up, score, bonuses, coins, 1ups and everything. I know what you're thinking. This is so cool. I know raaaaight!

    Scott Pilgrim met Ramona Flowers who appeared in his dreams. He became obsessed with her (Okay. It was not that creepy. I thought the determination Scott had in order to see her again, talk to her and go out with her was actually cute. It kind of makes me think. "Where the hell are those guys?" Lol. I was trying to sound 'thoughtful'.) He was dating Knives Chau at that time but he lost interest in her because of Ramona. Ramona gave him her number which had seven x's written on it.
    No, she did not write her number on a t-shirt. I couldn't find a picture of the number and  I don't have the movie on my laptop right now so I couldn't take a screen shot. This was the best I could find. Although THIS T-SHIRT IS SO COOL. I want it.
    Later, after defeating Matthew Patel one of Ramona's 'evil exes' he learned that in order to date her he must defeat her 7 exes. Hence the 7 x's written underneath her number.
    Ramona was first seen in the movie with purple/pink hair. Scott was kind of fascinated with her hair. But then later she changed it to blue. Scott was like 'what did you do to your hair?' She then said that she changes her hair color every week or so. She later changed it to green. This is also one of the many things I like about this  movie/Ramona.

    Now, my favorite scene was the one where Scott went to Gideon's newly opened theater where his band (yeah, he was in band called Sex Bob-omb) was playing and challenged him to a fight. He confessed "Because I'm in love with her." when Gideon asked why he wanted to fight for Ramona. That earned him the power of love. (It's a sword. You can see this in the first picture.)

    Knives also came to the scene and started a cat fight between her and Ramona. Scott was killed by Gideon while he was trying to break up the fight. But Scott gained a 1 up previously. (1 up means an extra life)  He went to fight Gideon, again and this time he earned the power of self-respect sword which was much stronger than the power of love sword. He used the sword to kill Gideon. Now, I did tell you about the coin thing right? When you kill someone instead of blood, the person turns into coin. When he killed Gideon, coins were every where. It was like rainfall. That was so epic. You should seriously watch it.

    2.The perks of being a wallflower
    I really like this poster. This was right after Sam and Patrick graduated
    This movie is an honest high school movie. Sure, there are a lot of movies about high school. Usually it's about someone who is 'invisible' to others but then at the end of the movie he/she becomes the most popular guy in high school. I said this is an honest movie because this doesn't happen in this one. Sure, he did become 'visible' but he wasn't like the most popular one.
    This was after Charlie became 'visible'.
    Where do I begin? Okay. Emma Watson. I think that does it for everyone. Everyone wants to watch her movies. She is a very talented actress and she is so beaaaautiful. I have a girl crush on her. So pretty. and her accent is like wow. Int his movie, I think she did both British and an American accent. Either way she was excellent.

    Charlie has no friends. Honestly. He is very introverted. On his first day, when his English teacher asked the class a question (I don't remember the question) to which the answer was Charles Dickens (yes, I remember the answer.) He wrote the answer on his book, but when his teacher, Mr.Anderson asked if anyone knew the answer he did not answer. But Mr.Anderson did see the answer written on his book. This is actually the saddest scene ever, but then again I like sad scenes more than happy ones. Because the sad ones feel more real to me. This scene actually represents how lonely Charlie is.

    He saw a senior, called Patrick in his carpentry class I wanna say? He was very funny actually. It was later revealed in the movie that Patrick was gay. (the homosexual gay this time.) He met (actually met) Patrick and his step sister Sam, (Emma Watson) at a football game and they went to a restaurant after the game and drove him home. That was the end of it (not).
    He saw them at them dancing at the high school dance. They were doing their 'routine'. Charlie was literally at the corner of the dance hall when he spotted the hyper duo. He slowly made his way into the dance floor doing some dance-ish moves (blending in) and reached them. They welcomed him with open arms (literally) and danced together. There should be more people like Patrick and Sam. You know, extremely gregarious and does not make you feel left alone. Always cheerful and everything nice. (I should seriously evaluate myself and become more like Sam.)
    Patrick and Emma doing the routine. It was kind of like a chicken dance but wing out and flapping them. 
    They took Charlie to a house party, where he eats a brownie. (You know, 'brownie'. A cannabis brownie.) He got stoned and started socializing. He made clever remarks with his observations. While Sam was making Charlie a chocolate milkshake he mentioned that his best friend committed suicide the previous year. Sam told Patrick that he has no friends so they decided to become his. On their way home this song was playing on the radio. No one knew the name of the song yet Sam thought it would be the perfect song to go through the tunnel. They drove into the tunnel and Emma went out to the tray of the truck, opened her arms without any support. It was like she was flying. I guess it's the reason she does it.
    Sam and Patrick were seniors which mean they would go to a college after high school, leaving Sam behind. If this was a typical high school movie either Sam would stay with Charlie or Charlie magically graduated with them and they go to college together. I called this a honest movie because this doesn't happen in perks of being a wallflower. Sam and Patrick did move away but they kept in touch. Sent each other letters and even visited him during the break. She even asked him to visit her sometimes.
    They did not know the name of the song to which Sam 'flew.' They referred to it as the tunnel song. When she visited Sam she said her room mate had excellent taste in music and told him that she had the tunnel song. So they went to the tunnel again and played that song and this time Charlie did the flying thing.

     He was actually happy and that made me happy. Because he was a very gloomy looking guy and he has this disease I donno? We did see some scenes of Charlie and his aunt. He blames himself for her death but we come to know that she sexually abused him as a child.

    There were a lot of other favorite scenes. But I'm not gonna describe them in detail. Like the one where Sam gives Charlie a type writer as a gift. and the scene where Sam was in the corner of the prom while Charlie was on a date. He then left the dance floor and went to Sam. It reminded me of the times when Charlie was the one in the corner and Sam was on the dance floor. It's like they are even now. I dont know.

    I feel so happy now that I see this picture. There's so much going on between them. Plus it's EMMA WATSON!
    You seriously need to watch this movie. It is so awesome. It even won a lot of awards and got nominated for  a lot as well.
    Wallflower means a type of loner. It's someone usually in high school  who sees everything, knows everything but does not say a word. They are introverted. Are you a wallflower?