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  1. Project bite-02

    Thursday, February 14, 2013

    02-Pasta salad with Tandoori chicken 

    It's my second 'creation' of the project bite (To read about project bite click here.) and now I have 703 days to go. 2 out of a 100 (or more) recipes.
    I know I did tell you guys that I will be posting pictures along with the post but today, I have no pictures. I actually sort of forgot to take pictures during the But I included pictures from (drum rolls) Google.

    Some people (Mostly Italians, obviously) say that the taste differs from each type of pasta to the next. They even have different names in different languages and their shapes and sizes are also different. Here we don't make pasta scratch. We just buy them from stores. (Like how we buy all the other things from the store as well. Seriously, we are a lazy breed. Including myself.) My favorite one is the long rough shells. You can stuff cheese and meat and any weird stuffing you want into it. It's called Manicotti shells. Which one is your favorite?

    To make pasta salad of course you will need pasta. The quantity depends on how much you are making.
    Cherry tomatoes, green peas (frozen, unfrozen, right out of the garden etc...), carrots (grated), pumpkin, (Just a little bit of it), cucumber, green onions are the vegetables you will need. (You can add or remove any vegetables you want. This isn't Sheldon Cooper's recipe.) I didn't specify the quantity because I myself don't know. Plus the quantity depends on your taste buds. Chop them up and stir in a bowl to combine. Refrigerate this for like 5 hours or less.  

    When it's time for dinner cook the pasta according to the directions on the packet. (or be a bad ass for once and cook it by 'unfollowing' the directions. It isn't rocket science now, eh?) Drain and rinse the pasta in a bowl. Over cooked pasta is a pain. Most of us know that. My sister and I made this and our pasta was a bit overcooked. It looks creamy as it is when it's overcooked. We were a bit disappointed at first but then the result was awesome even with overcooked pasta. It isn't as dry as the 'normal cooked' pasta. It's much more moist and hence tastes better.

    Then add the cooked/over cooked pasta into the refrigerated vegetables. (Make sure you take the refrigerated container out of the refrigerator before you do this. You don't want to release any more CFCs into the atmosphere. Nope. I am thinking a 'bit green' today.) Add mayonnaise and sour cream into the mixture and mix them well. Grate cheese of your choice. Your pasta salad is ready now.
    You can eat this salad as it is or eat it with chicken of your choice. I ate it with tandoori chicken. (Yes, I made it as well. (not) We bought it.) You can do no wrong with tandoori chicken. I love tandoori chicken. On pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, salads or as it is.

    Happy pasta salading with tandoori chicken guys.

    PS: I kind of need some recipes or something to cook for my project bite. Now I have so many options and I don't know which one to choose. So if you could suggest something that would be great. You can suggest any recipe/dish via the shout box or just comment. 

    Yeah. Bye. 

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