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  1. Light years

    Wednesday, February 13, 2013

    Hello there. How have you been?

    I'm really sorry that I haven't posted anything in a very long time. I have been a busy bee. ( no. I'm not a bee.) and sorry for letting my 'loyal readers' down. This is my last semester and I get no time to spare. But then there's this saying, 'You can only get time when you make time?' I donno. Anyways, this post, (light years) is a bit of a preview of my future posts. (I didn't have to write that. I'm sure you know since this is my second light year post. I posted one similar to this one this one time when I was crazy busy.)

    Here's a window to what's in store for you guys. I will try to finish them by Wednesday. (Next week)

    01.Silly little things!
    .....Yesterday I had to write a 'dhathurunaamaa'. (A travel diary? I dont know the correct term for that.) It was about a guy who goes to an uninhabited island to capture turtles. We must assume that they faces pretty scary shit on that island. One person was nearly killed but at last they made a narrow escape and returned home after midnight.
    I have never faced a scary situation (and by scary scary I mean something supernatural. like a ghost actually?)..yet. Since it was a Dhivehi work it needs to make sense to 'the Maldivians.' And here in Maldives the idea of something supernatural would be a woman with long hair wearing a rai libaas (For those who don't know what a rai libaas is there'll be a picture somewhere in this post.) or the famous 'bodumeehaa'......
    .....The actual subject of this post is superstitions. Maldivian superstitions to be exact. (For those who fear supernatural powers, YES! I'm talking about you. You are in for a treat....sort of)......

    02.Project bite-02
    Pasta salad with tandoori chicken

    03. Raging thunder. (Are you a poker?)

    04. Mac and cheese
    There are some songs that I cannot listen to if I don't see the music video. The songs are really awesome but it's like mac and cheese or peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and chocolate syrup. They have to be together. I just have the urge to watch the video. Some of the videos that I like to watch with the song aren't even the official videos. Some are fan made. and some of them are from movies. You know, the background music of a scene? and then you feel like the song fits that situation the most.

    05.The oak tree
    (Ahthu's request)

    06. Playing Stairs.
    (Fazeel's idea.)
    ..It's fun. You can slide on them. You might even fall and break your nose. or your hip. or your...
    ....but how many of you guys know that you can play stairs in your notebook? At school. at a cafeteria?....

    07.Favorite movie scenes-part 4
    Silver linings playbook
    Abraham lincoln vampire hunter
    The three musketeers

    08-Person of interest
    It's an awesome Tv-series.

    I will see you guys later. Maybe even tonight. with a post

    Here's a picture that lights the cackle of my heart. It's my current wallpaper. (Yeah! I'm one of those who change their wallpapers pretty often.)


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