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  1. Raging thunder (Chishty)

    Wednesday, January 30, 2013

    I don't know why but I'm finding every single thing I despair about our country/capital magnified tonight.
    Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have had tests for the past five days and today I had two tests which didn't go as well as I wanted it to. Plus my legs hurt like hell.

    It's just these little things and these huge things. I'm posting about some of them because I went 'shopping' tonight and could not find a single thing I like. How hard is it to find some decent t-shirts or shirts or dsanehcbw. I'm so frustrated right now. Maybe it's because I don't like shopping.But why won't the businessmen/women fix this? It's the same crap everywhere. It's like 'I want to open a cloth store for women. I am going to call it 'unique dresses for men and women.' but it will be the same crap you can find in any of the stores.' God, it's so annoying.

    Shopping is actually very personal and most of the people don't like and they are uncomfortable to shop when the salesman/saleswomen just stand near you and keeps staring at you. If you think about it it's actually creepy. There should be salesmen and saleswomen to help the customers. But what good is it if they just stand there? without helping the customers? Oh and unfriendly salesmen and saleswomen? Don't even get me started on that. It's a major 'turn-off' for shoppers. On this note there are actually 2 shops where I feel like the salesman/saleswoman are really friendly and I don't feel uncomfortable shopping at their store at all. The salesman in 'Princess' (Sosunmagu) is a really good example of what a good salesman should be. He helps you find what you need and does not throw stuff at you if you don't ask him to throw stuff at you. The store owners should really think about while hiring a salesman/saleswoman. After all it will boost their business and not mine. (I don't even have any business. lol. But maybe someday.)

    About starting a business. (Is there any place which sells just coffee? and can buy coffee to go? I'm asking this because I'm not aware of such a place. Let me know if you know a place so I can delete this 'embarrassing' paragraph. :P) Have any one considered opening a coffee shop? and I don't mean just any coffee shop. Sure, there are places which sell coffee but I am not aware of any coffee shops (an actual coffee shop which ONLY sells coffee) where you can buy coffee to go. I mean, is it that hard to open some place actually useful for a change instead of all the juice joints and jugo places? Who wants to drink Jugo when they are sleepy? or on their way to work in the early morning? It's not even that tasty now since everyone's selling them.
    As a student I really wish there was a place where I can buy coffee to go whenever I feel sleepy in the class. (provided the coffee shop is near the school.) It would me much cheaper and convenient. Plus it's portable (lol) The coffee shop can serve all sorts of coffee. You know, kind of like Starbucks? Latte, Espresso, Frappuccino, Cappuccino, decaf and etc... I hope to open a coffee shop one day. Just one day. One day. One day. Most of the people agreed with me when I asked them how they feel about coffee shops and coffee to go. So I guess it's not just me.
    Speaking of coffee shops, ummm...why not a sandwich shop? We have City Bakery and other places but you know what I mean? A sandwich shop. Make your own sandwich. In some restaurants there's this option, 'Make your own pizza' or 'Make your own sandwich'. You have a very limited amount of ingredients and each extra ingredient costs like extra 10 or something? Imagine if you add just 5 ingredients. You have to pay 5 times the normal price.

    I think I've started to cool down now. Yep, my frustration's all gone now and sadly that ends the things/places I want right now in this city. Maybe next time I go shopping and get frustrated I could write another post like this. Who knows?

  2. Fringe

    Tuesday, January 29, 2013

    I dedicate this to my friend, Agee. She loves Fringe. Love would actually be an understatement. 

    After catching up with my weekly series I kind of had nothing else to watch or do. So I went to my cousin's place and I saw that she was watching Fringe. She said it's about parallel universes and deja vu and other fringe theories. I kind of was like 'Okay.' She insisted that I watch a single episode or the part where something epic happens.
    So to prove that it was awesome (to prove that she was right actually) she showed me the episode where, (Fringe fans will remember this) a man sleeps with this woman and then she started screaming with pain saying she has a stomach ache. She has no clue about what was happening to her. She apparently got through her nine months of pregnancy  in just minutes. She got pregnant then her water broke, she went into labor the man drove her to the hospital and left. The doctors and nurses in the labor room were shocked when the baby was born because he started to grow, age and finally grew really old and died. In this picture you can see the umbilical cord still attached to this old man. (who is the baby born just a few minutes earlier.)

     This happened in less than 5 minutes, give or take. If this doesn't make you want to watch Fringe then there are plenty of more from where these came from. You need to watch Fringe if you don't watch it now. Period.

    Moving on, the main aim/complain/subject of this post its...Fringe ended. I watched the series Finale weeks ago. Even though I wasn't that happy with this season and kind of lost interest in the show I just couldn't resist the urge to take a quick look on the whole show.

    For those who don't know the meaning of fringe or for those who thinks fringe is related with only hair fringe science is also called questionable science. It is very different from the current thought of the majority. It is scientifically true but it cannot be reliably tested and so lacks evidence. For instance déjà vu. Sometimes when you across a situation you feel like you've already been there. Seen it, done it. There's this theory regarding déjà vu. Some scientists say that you get the whole déjà vu because the other you, in the parallel universe (another fringe theory) has done that. This is also mentioned in one of the episodes of Fringe.  I'm sure all of you are familiar with the whole parallel universe theory. This is actually, if you think about it scientifically it's true because for every matter there's and there should be an antimatter. (Eg: Electron-positron, proton-antiproton, up quark-down quark. charm-strange, top-bottom ....).

    I'm gonna start with the intros. Yes it's intro with an s. Of course you noticed the different intros but I just have to mention it because it's actually very clever and shows how much attention is paid to the little details.
    The normal intro from season 1 to season 3 looks like this. This was the original timeline and prime universe's intro.

    The episodes which take place in the parallel universe, the intro is red in color.

    There was an episode which showed us a flashback? I don't know. It was about Walter's discoveries and how he reacted when his son, Peter got sick. In that episode the intro was 'old' fashioned. The word 'Fringe' in the intro was in 2D and not in 3D. This makes sense because science is changing every day. Back in those days they did not have the equipment which are available now. (See what I mean about paying attention to details?)
    This picture is actually a comparison between science years ago and science today.
    Amber would not be a fringe word to those who watch fringe. Amber was first seen in the parallel universe. Amber is released in gaseous form, which later solidifies. It was invented by Secretary Bishop  in the parallel universe to control micro-black hole events which can cause devastating damages to his universe. Anyone who is trapped in the amber was declared legally dead but they are actually in a state of suspended animation. So those who are trapped in the amber do not age. Here are some pictures of amber as shown in fringe.
    This is William Bell trapped in amber in season 5. William Bell is Walter's ex-partner and the owner and founder of Massive Dynamic. William Bell+Walter Bishop=Boom! Mother of all sciences. He was actually more selfish than Walter but I don't really hate him. He is a genius. But Walter is 'more-genius'. lol

    The intro of the episode which first showed us amber looks like this.
    Season 5 is about saving the world from observers who took over humans. So the intro shows a jail and trying to get free/

    At the commercial breaks something called Fringe Glyph appeared on the screen. I think you will have a clear image if you actually see the 'Fringe Glyph.'
    These are some of the Glyph. 
    Remember? They are not just images. This is what makes Fringe different from other shows. Each Glyph and see that yellow dot? the position of yellow dot indicate a different letter. An editor called Julian Sanchez cracked the code while piggybacking on a Ars Tenchnia article. (This article explains the various clues, puzzles hidden through out Fringe. Kind of like an Easter egg hunt.)
    The question marks have not been aired.
    Each episode actually displayed a clue. Here are some of the 'clues' shown through out the 5 seasons.
    Season 5, The recordist
    Season 5, In Absentia
    Season 5, The boy must live 
    Season 5, Five-twenty-ten
    I spelled my name using this code. It looks like this. What does your name look like?

    I don't want to bore you guys or kill the suspense for those who are planning to watch fringe by going into details of the show. But I want to write about the ending and reasons why I loved the ending

    Since Walter and September's plan to defeat the observers was travelling through time and sending the mute Michael (referred to as a child observer, anomaly XB-6783746. He is the son of September.) to the scientists who fathered the observer technology someone has to go with him. Walter thought he should 'sacrifice' himself and go with Michael. He thought it was for the best because of the damages he had done to the universes and so he thought this as a debt he had to pay. But September decided he should go with his son.
    Now, in the final battle Olivia and Peter wore gas masks and other protection to protect themselves and entered the building where the observers and the loyalists work. They released gases which contain initiation for different kinds of stuff. The stuff which they previously solved while they were working for the Fringe. Like, do you remember the episode where a person's eyes, nose, mouth, ears and all the other openings closed due to accelerated cell growth? and the person suffered to death?

    This and other cases were used to kill most of the observers. Wow! It was epic.
    and Olivia killed Windmark, who is god! I hate him. "Humans are useless." "I believe you people call it hate." "It consumes me." and the way she killed him is wow. I am literally getting goosebumps right now. I got goosebumps thrice while watching that scene.
    She was injected with Cortexiphan in the episode. So she turned off all of the lights in the city. (In the parallel universe) She was just standing in front of Windmark and he was puzzled and watching her. She looked fearless. and then she moved a car using her mind and smashed it against Windmark who was taken by surprise and so sandwiched between two cars. It happened so fast that he had no time to react.

    I already mentioned this once. Beautiful movies are the ones in which a main character dies. This applies to tv series as well. September fell down while he was running with Michael in order to reach the time machine. So Walter stepped into the machine with Michael. Walter cannot return to Olivia and Peter after he step into the machine.

    The next scene was the scene at the beginning of episode 1 of season 5. Olivia and Peter were in the park while Etta was playing. Previously, when we saw the scene Peter ask Etta to come to them because it was time to go home the observers start to appear and they were separated from Etta. But this time, since they defeated the observers she came running to them.

    The ending scene of Fringe was when Peter opens a mail. He opened it and saw the white tulip which was revealed in the episode earlier that Walter asked September to get it for him.

    When September asked what Walter did with it he could not remember. This tulip was sent to Walter by the time traveler in one of the seasons when Walter asked god for a sign of forgiveness. He specifically asked for a white tulip. I was so amazed by the ending. It's kind of sad that Walter would not be able to see Olivia, Peter and his grand daughter Etta and Astrid, Gene (His pet cow.) and others. But isn't the ending just beautiful? I think it was very beautiful.


  3. Collisions

    Sunday, January 27, 2013

    It was just a regular week day. I got up as usual, had an intense argument with my bed. You know the one. "To get up or not to get up?" After struggling for a while I got up and took a shower. I took a bit longer than usual to wear my contacts today. Sometimes it's my left eye or the right eye. I'm just certain one of the eye would just be too proud to let my contact bind with the cornea everyday and I get late, because of my contacts.

    I did hear my mother's cell phone ringing while I was in the shower but didn't pay much attention for 3 reasons. 1. I was actually late. 2. Whoever calling my mom can wait. It was like 6 in the morning. 3. I was in the shower and probably half asleep. I don't know why but a thought did cross my mind, regarding the phone call. My grandmother has been very very sick for the past couple of weeks and she was admitted in the hospital. All of her children stayed at the hospital last night. Even my mom came home around 5:30 or something. She wouldn't have come if I didn't have school. I have trouble trying to fall asleep but when I do, it is pretty hard to wake me up. Alarm clocks, thunder, heavy heavy rainfall and etc.. have no effect on me.

    While I was getting ready, I heard our land line ringing. My sister's husband installed a land line in our place because sometimes when he or others call none of us answer our phones (because they are no where near us). When the land line rings, it's so loud that even if you don't want to get up and answer it you just have to do it because the sound is just shwgxcbw! I heard my mom answer the phone. She then came into the room and said 'Grandma died.' I was like 'wait what?' She repeated, 'Grandma died.' 'Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi ra'jioon' I said that to myself.
    My mom then wore this poker face/sad face? I couldn't decide. She took out her phone book and started dialing numbers. To everyone she said 'My mother died.' It was so sad to see her so vulnerable and calling everyone and breaking it to them. I told her I won't go to school today and I went to the hospital with her. My sister and her husband also went. I know it was gonna happen someday to her and to everyone. But, you understand, don't you? My family has never dealt with death, until today.

    When I was a kid, (let's say like 7 or 10 years old) I used to watch cartoon every evening. Usually it's Mickey Mouse or something. I don't remember the cartoon that well. But what I do remember is that sometimes as a kid I picture my life without my mother or my father, mostly mother and then it's gets me so upset and sad. I just run to my mother immediately and cry. She'll be just standing there, puzzled mostly. It's just, you know...

    But my grandmother, she lived a long, blessed life. She lived for 82 years. Yes, that's right. She was 82 years old and was smiling today. When I first saw her in IGMH today. I whispered to my mom, 'Mom. She is smiling. Her face is so bright. She doesn't have a single wrinkle on her face.' Maybe I was talking about this because I didn't want to cry. Watery eyes, yes.

    Honestly, she was a good person. Never missed a prayer. Always praying. She gave me a large family. You may not believe this but I think there are like 96 members or so in my family. the extended one, I mean. This is excluding my father's side. While I was in Aasaharaa I did think of making a family tree. Just to see how many members there are. She has lots of grand kids and great grand kids.
    Now, when I go back to my homeland, Fuvahmulah and go to my grandmother's her large room is gonna be empty. I like to just lie on her bed with her whenever I go there. Because there's an enormous bed and its comfortable. There are a lot of windows in her room. And when you open them, the lovely breeze just come in and just take you away. She even entertained me. Told me different varieties of stories.

    I have been there with her the whole day. I even overcame my fear of corpses. I touched her and everything. The most painful moment was when it was when she was put into the coffin. Everyone rushed to her to see her for the last time ever. Her youngest daughter and eldest daughter just burst into tears. Her grand daughters and oh god. I can't even describe it. They did cry even earlier but my mom kept comforting them and telling them not to cry. Because that makes it too painful for her? But you have no control over the emotions. She has been with us since the beginning. The longer you live, the sadder people will be when you are gone because they have too many memories of you. too many traditions and you are used to it.
    Right now, my mother is out, distributing 'sadhaqaah' here in Male' and my grandmother's other daughters are distributing in Fuvahmulah. I heard that a ton of people participated in the Kashu namaadhu. So, insha allah everything went great. At least my grand mother's last wish was granted.
    Just don't go to bed when you are mad at someone. You might never see that person again. I try not to do this after the whole Dr.Afraasheem's incident. and don't wait to talk to someone or to visit someone. Just, don't. Oh and this didn't happen with me and my maama. I was just stating the obvious and trying to pen off with an advice for a change.

    May almighty Allah forgive her sins and grant her Jannathul Firudhaus. Aameen. 

  4. Light years.

    Saturday, January 26, 2013

    Hello there, readers!

    I've been trying to complete the posts that I've started to write. and yes, it's post with an s. Right now I have 4 posts which are incomplete. I don't know why I am not able to finish them. Some of the days I can go on writing for ever. But right now, I just don't feel like it and can't get myself to do it. Lack of motivation or maybe it's the fact that my exam ended, (finally) on Friday. I've had tests for like 17 days now.

    So I apologize that you guys have to view the same page with no updates from time to time. But, here's a window to what's in store for you guys. (I will try and complete all of the 4 posts by Thursday.) Oh and I just copy pasted bits and pieces so it might not make any sense right now.

    1.Raging thunder (What I feel our city needs right now)
    I don't know why but I'm finding every single thing I despair about our country/capital magnified tonight.
    Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have had tests for the past five days and today I had two tests which didn't go as well as I wanted it to. Plus my legs hurt like hell......

    ........Shopping is actually very personal and most of the people don't like and they are uncomfortable to shop when the salesman/saleswomen just stand near you and keeps staring at you. If you think about it it's actually creepy. There should be salesmen and saleswomen to help the customers. But what good is it if they just stand there? without helping the customers? Oh and unfriendly salesmen and saleswomen? Don't even get me started on that.........

    .....About starting a business. Have any one considered opening a coffee shop? and I don't mean just any coffee shop. Sure, there are places which sell coffee but I am not aware of any coffee shops where you can buy coffee to go........

    2.Project bite-02
    Pasta salad with  tandoori chicken


    ........After catching up with my weekly series I kind of had nothing else to watch or do. So I went to my cousin's place and I saw that she was watching Fringe. She said it's about parallel universes and deja vu and other fringe theories. I kind of was like 'Okay.' She insisted that I watch a single episode or the part where something epic happens.
    So to prove that it was awesome (to prove that she was right actually) she showed me the episode where, (Fringe fans will remember this) a man sleeps with this woman and then she started screaming with pain saying she has a stomach ache. She has no clue about what was happening to her. Then her stomach began to grow in size like really really fast. She got pregnant then her water broke, she went into labor the man drove her to the hospital and left. The doctors and nurses in the labor room were shocked when the baby was born because he started to grow, age and finally grew really old and died. This happened in less than 5 minutes, give or take. If this doesn't make you want to watch Fringe then there are plenty of more from where these came from. You need to watch Fringe if you don't watch it now. Period.......

    4.Mac and cheese
    There are some songs that I cannot listen to if I don't see the music video. The songs are really awesome but it's like mac and cheese or peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and chocolate syrup. They have to be together. I just have the urge to watch the video. Some of the videos that I like to watch with the song aren't even the official videos. Some are fan made. and some of them are from movies. You know, the background music of a scene? and then you feel like the song fits that situation the most....

    Now you guys know that I'm not 'just not uploading.'
    I will see you guys later. with a new post.

    and here's a picture for you. This is my wallpaper right now.


  5. Raging thunder (Marriage)

    Sunday, January 20, 2013

    I've decided to post about things that bothers me under this title; Raging thunder. It's just my opinion about certain things.

    Dedicated to Ahthu. 

    Disclaimer : This post is just my opinion about this matter. Any resemblance to real person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

    So it has been a month since I turned 18. You know, I got legal. It's cool that I turned 18 and now there are the things that I could do just because I turned 18. For instance, I can vote, I can get a driver's licence (I have a driver's licence now. Oh yeah 8D), get married (legally. You can get married even if you are 16 now? I guess. I donno much about this matter.), commit a crime and go to jail and etc..

    I haven't really given much thought about to this whole 'getting old' thing. Mostly because I'm just 18 and I believe that's pretty young. This post was inspired by my friend, Ahthu. Hence I dedicate this post to her. She told me that she wanted to give me some bad news and that she's freaking old (She is just 19. sigh. So young.) I, being the 'smart mouth' myself replied 'You getting old isn't bad news for me.' Then she was like you will too. This year and the next year and the next year...and after a few years your worst nightmare will come true. I answered 'Menopause?' It was the logical answer. I honestly thought she was talking about menopause. But then she said the biggest-sad-truth which is spreading like a flu in our society.
    "People will start to ask you Hey. When are you getting married?" Just because you are a woman.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't get married , you know. You should get married but you don't necessarily need to rush into it. It's like 'I know I don't have any experience and I don't know the first thing about flying a jumbo jet yet I think I should fly a jumbo jet. Hell, I am going to go and fly that jumbo jet.' I don't think you  need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out what will happen next with the person who wanted to fly a jumbo jet.

    People make a huge fuss about this. "You are a woman. You should get married to the first person you meet." I honestly don't think it should be this way. Maybe this is the reason behind the elevated number of divorce. There are a few young married couples that I know who are living really happily. They are doing great. I feel so happy when I see them, you know, living happily together.It's like they radiate this happiness energy. lol. Like Jennifer Lawrence saying seeing Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt together was the most beautiful thing ever. It's actually ineffable.  However, there are those people who are so sick of it and just want out of it. Some of them are parents now. How sad is that?

    There's nothing wrong about a woman not getting married till she's like 30 or 35 or till she's ready. If you are ready and certain that you won't change your mind when you are like 18 or 16 or 19 there's nothing wrong with that either. She would have lived her life by then and will know what the world has to offer. I'm sure that she won't head off to someplace leaving her husband and children behind saying "Honey. I love you. But I want to explore the world and see what I can do without you by my side." A woman who lived her life a little and had some 'world' experience would say " Honey. I love you. I have explored the world and seen so many things. And I'm damn sure that I dont want to take off and leave you behind. I want to live the rest of my life exploring the world with you and our 11 kids by my side." This might not be her exact words but you get the idea.

    Mothers want the best for their daughters. True that. But constantly nagging her to get married? Settle down?  Of course they want grandchildren and want to see us settled down with a man by our side, (protecting us apparently) It should be that way. But settling down just after your A'level with your boyfriend of just 4 months? Nah-aah!
    Ahthu's biggest complain was that her mother keeps telling her "You had boyfriends when I advised you not to have one. But now, when you are at the age of marriage you shouldn't be single." The forbidden fruit always taste better. I'm sure that was it back then.
     My mother, wow! She just keeps going on and on about how I don't have a boyfriend and how others have one. How I don't actually know how to get a boyfriend. Wait...whaat? lol. I sometimes reply "Mom. If it matters to you so much why don't you find me one?" I wish no one would ever talk to her about relationships. Whenever someone even mentions the name boyfriend or marriage or anything related to it she goes like "I keep telling my Sausan to find a man. But she won't get one. Help me find her one." I know she's actually joking, but all the time? One of my relatives came to stay with us this break and my mother kept bringing me and not having a boyfriend and not planning to get married almost everyday. She wants me to marry someone I want to marry. She wouldn't actually force me into anything that I don't want to do. One of the many reasons I love my mom.

    I had this teacher back in 10th grade. She got married right after she finished her O'level, I guess? She was very young. When I asked to write something for me on my autograph book she wrote this down. (Yes I asked my teachers to write something for me. I was actually pretty close with all of my teachers. They are really great and very cool. I find it interesting when I find out stuff and when they tell me stories about their life. You can actually learn a lot from them besides what's in the textbook.)
    "Don't get married too soon. Plan everything, utilize your time with your studies. You will get plenty of time for doing all other things."
    Writing about this kind of stuff made me think about arranged marriage. I feel like it's not a bad thing. It would be a mystery, you know. Trying to figure out your husband after getting married? It's like an adventure. He won't speak to you that often so that's an advantage. lol. Maybe it's because I've read too many teen fiction stories about arranged marriage when I was like let's just say immature and young. But if you actually think about it I think it's a pretty wonderful idea.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't get married. Please don't get the wrong idea about this. I'm just saying parents shouldn't force their daughters into marriage-just because they are women and just because others are getting married. Like Ted you should wait for your 'the one'. (Although I don't really believe in 'the one'. Maybe it's because I'm incapable of love or something. or maybe it's because I've had horrible experiences in this field. lol. I actually have this theory. I think I'm cursed. Have you seen Good luck Chuck? Kind of like that. minus the you know, that part. :P)
    Just give it some time. Not having a boyfriend or not having a plan when you are 18 or 19 is okay. Really. It's.okay. Mom. I will keep telling you this whenever you mention about me not getting married or not getting a boyfriend. :P

    Yeah.kthanksbye. lol

    PS: I kind of need some recipes or something to cook for my project bite. Now I have so many options and I don't know which one to choose. So if you could suggest something that would be great. You can suggest any recipe/dish via the shout box. I already have a request to make cinnamon rolls from my cousin.

  6. Project bite-01

    Saturday, January 19, 2013

    01-Poached egg in a garlic bread basket. 

    It's the day people. The day I start with my Project bite. (If you have no idea what Project bite is then click here. It's a post about Project bite) It's day 01 and my 1st 'creation' of the Project bite. So I'm gonna go with something simple yet difficult to make the perfect one. 

    It's poached egg. (in a garlic bread basket) Honestly, I feel you can do no wrong with garlic bread. If I can make garlic bread so can you. and I'm going to ask you guys the same question that I tweeted a few days back, "Can there be anything better than garlic bread?" I guess not.
    I know it's very easy to make garlic bread and you guys would already know how to make it. But I'm going to write about how to make garlic bread step-by-step with pictures. (Since I promised you guys pictures of the dishes I make in my previous post about Project bite.) My methods and the tips about poached eggs would come after the whole talk about garlic bread. I feel like I'm typing garlic bread too many times. Garlic. garlic. garlick. Gerlick. Garfield. Andrew Garfield. Seinfeld...  

    First, you need 3 or 4 cloves of garlic. It depends on how much bread you are going to use to make garlic bread. 
    I used 3 cloves of garlic for 3 slices of bread. First, you slice up the garlic. I like to 'bury' some garlic pieces in my bread so I slice the clove of garlic in half and then slice them real thin. Then you would need butter. It doesn't matter how much butter you use. You can never have enough butter. Even Julia Child loves butter. I used the mini slices of butter you get from the shops? You mostly use this butter for breakfast actually. But who are they to judge me? It's not like they're gonna come after me and say "You. yes you. I heard you used 'breakfast butter'. We came here to get justice for our breakfast butter" anyways. 

    Then you mix the butter and garlic. You should squish the pieces of garlic so the juices would come out of it and give you the actual flavor. You can remove the large pieces of garlic if you don't want them on your bread.  I like to chew some garlic which gives you the flavor of baked garlic.
    Now your butter and garlic mash would look something like that. (the above picture. I just had to state the obvious.)  Once again, if you don't want to chew pieces of garlic with the bread, now would be a good time to remove them.
    Apply the garlic and butter mix on the bread. Both sides. You don't want your garlic bread to taste like ordinary bread. 
    You can cut off  the crust if you don't want them. I wonder if there's something creative you could do with the crusts. I'm sure there would be some bread crust recipes. My schoolmates and I once tried to figure out something to do with the crusts during our 'Mega bites 2012' event  because we had a ton of crusts that day after making our house special 'rubiches', which was out of this world. Hats off to the chef (wasn't me, obviously. It was an 11th grader. He was a guy. Lucky his-future-wife.)

    . Your end product, after applying the garlic and butter mix would look something like this.
    Note the pieces of buried/ not buried pieces of garlic on the bread. The not-so-strong taste of those pieces  while eating this is a such a joy.
    Next, you just cook both sides of bread on a stick/non-sticky frying pan until they are golden brown and crunchy. This mostly depends on your taste. I actually don't like it when mine gets too brown or too crunchy. Your bread is ready now. It smells like Nigella Lawson. lol. I imagine she would smell like cinnamon, mint leaves, lemons, gingerbread and garlic. You are what you eat after all. Jk.

    Poached eggs are really amazing. You just cut through it and the yellow yolk oozes out like a river which has an increased viscosity. Many things could go wrong when you make poached eggs.

    My first time making poached eggs was horrible. I made egg soup instead. The gooey, white, sticky, unappealing, viscous white water. I wanted to practice to make poached eggs so 4 days ago I made my first one. Here's a picture of it. You can be the judge of my egg poaching skill. (The first time I mean. I can poach  an egg like Julia Child now.not. But I'm not this bad now.
    Not my finest moment. Is it just me or this looks like a human embryo of 44-47 days? O_O  
    After my first poached egg went wrong I searched Julia Child's method/advice/trick on making poached eggs. Prick the flat end of the egg with a needle and then cook it in boiling water for 10 seconds. Then, lower the heat, crack the egg and hold the egg as close as you can with a wooden spoon. You can use as many spoons as you want as long as you don't make egg soup.

    I also found pretty amazing, easy methods to make poached eggs. You could use silicon cupcake cups. You know, the kind which you are allowed to microwave? Just crack the egg into the cup and keep the cup in the boiling water and let it be for like 8 minutes. I think this is pretty neat and easy for beginners like us.
    You could crack an egg into a clingfilm then twist it and shut it and lower it into the boiling water. Let it be for a few minutes. You can get a pattern outside of your egg this way. or the method about using a cupcake cup.

    Timing is everything while making poached eggs. You need to be as quick as a rabbit. You don't want your egg to get overcooked to an extend where the yellowy-soul-brightening-yolk gets too hard and does not flow. That would be a disappointment.

    So which of these methods did I use? While I was making this guess what was on Fox movies HD? Julie and Julia. Wait..whaaat? It was just a coincidence. I, of course took a picture. Sorry for the low quality. They won't stop moving and I kind of have a crappy phone.

    I could not prick the egg so I just put the egg without pricking it into the boiling water. Left it for 10 seconds. Took it out. Cracked it into another bowl. Then poured it into the boiling water. At first I just swirled and swirled the water and made a vortex. Since it wasn't working very well I grabbed 2 metal spoons (Yes, metal. I also like to live dangerously. Jk. I did not have enough time to grab a wooden spoon. It was either metal spoon or egg soup with a hardened yolk.) I hold the egg as close and tight as I could.
    .....and I made the perfect poached egg.
    The black dots on it are pepper. You can add pepper and salt or maybe even some coriander if you want after  making it. I apologize for the low quality. Might not look that appetizing but trust me. It was really good. I will try to garnish my next dish. But you know, after making it, you just can't wait to eat it. There's no time to garnish it. 
    You can also add vinegar and salt to the boiling water. But I didn't add anything into the water and it was delicious. You can add vinegar and salt if you want some flavoring. or you can flavor it with some pepper and salt after, which was exactly what I did.

    Cut a hole in the middle of one bread slice . You could keep one whole slice under the holed one if you want to. Keep the egg in the hole. Poached egg in a garlic bread basket. The name goes well with the dish in my opinion.
    The best part is yet to come. When you cut open the egg with a piece of bread. Aaaaaaah! The sight of the yolk rushing out.
    Look at this. Wow. 
    The reason why I kept a slice of bread under the holed one is because after eating the egg, some of the yolk would now be on the slice which was kept under the bread.
    See what I mean?
     You can eat this slice straight away. or you could make a cheese,poached egg,garlic bread, salami, cucumber, tomato, garlic sauce and onion rings sandwich.

    I enjoyed my poached egg in a garlic bread basket with an iced lemon water. Not lemon tea. I was too lazy to make some tea or coffee after this. So I just sliced some lemons know the rest.

    One down. 99 to go. As I said, I might cook 100+ recipes if I make a 100 in 730 days. I even added a countdown.

    Happy egg poaching everyone. Bye.


  7. Favorite movie scenes-part 2

    Thursday, January 10, 2013

    Again, the numbers don't mean anything.

    1.The good guy.
    I will never understand the thing about background music. Except that it is really important. This scene from this movie, the major reason why I really like it (like it so much that I watch this scene from time to time just to listen to the song playing in the background. I know! 'Sau, why can't you just download the song? or watch it on Youtube?' But it's so much better when I watch the scene) is because of the song playing in the background.
    I watched this movie because I ran out of movies to watch that day. This movie is basically about this guy, Tommy, who is a workaholic. (He is an investment broker?) Very clever and very handsome. He has this smart, beautiful girlfriend called Beth. He was really sweet and 'loyal'. Tommy needed to find a salesman when one of his team member left for another job. He quickly hired Daniel. Unlike Tommy, he was very nervous around women so Tommy gave him a makeover and encouraged him to get out there and well, find a woman. Daniel saw Beth in a library and he told Tommy about Beth (Tommy didn't know it has his Beth). Later, Daniel and Tommy's broship began to hit the rocks when Daniel started to spend too much time with Beth. (He didn't make any moves on Beth, you know) Tommy seems like the good guy and Daniel the bad guy (for Beth) through out the whole movie. But when Beth and Tommy were together when she asked him about her ex he said "Just wasn't right." His 'ex' sends him flowers every month for their anniversary and Beth gets furious every time. They just call her crazy and obsessed.
    In the movie, when Beth's friend asked her about how she met Tommy she said she met him in a restaurant. He was on a date but later he came to her and gave her his number. He said "I just couldn't be with another woman when all I wanted to do was talk to you."
    Beth and Tommy went for a date in this Chinese restaurant where he sees this girl sitting at another table. He kind of smiles?
    That's the girl.
     Later, after their date Tommy goes into the restaurant saying He forgot his wallet. At the end of the movie, (my favorite scene) after Beth found out about his many girlfriends they broke up and Tommy was standing near a window,looking at the Empire State building. I can say he was thinking about something? But then a girl called "Tommyy!" It was the girl from the restaurant. He then smirked and turned around and said "Bonjour mademoiselle." (He was very charming. There's charm all over him. ) and kissed the side of her face. She then asked "Why did you come into the restaurant for my number?" He said "I just couldn't be with another woman when I all I wanted to do was talk to you." Kissed again. She asked " Whatever happened to her anyway?" He said "Just wasn't right." The end of the movie.

    Isn't it great? All of his tricks revealed. He also gave the same type of necklace to all of his girlfriends. Oh and the song was wow. It's called Your ex lover is dead by stars. Great song. The scene goes really well with the song. My favorite part was 'The scar is a fleck on my porcelain skin...' You might like the song as well. Listen to it here.

    2.Pirates of the Caribbean: The curse of the black pearl.
    I have a lot of favorite scenes in all of the 5 movies and also this movie. But here are a few of them. The theme song they play in the background during the fight scenes? (more like an instrumental.) I want to pick out a sword and jump as high as I can with it whenever I hear it. Epic. It's so motivational that it just makes you determined and set out with a knife and kill a bear. (If you want to kill a bear that is.) We even included the instrumental in our play for school 'Masterpiece 2012.' (It's a talent show in our school where we raise money.)  Here's all the motivation you need.
    The scene where Elizabeth falls down the cliff because her corset was so tight that she lost her conscious. Jack saves her and Norrington and her father came to the scene. Norrington wanted to have him arrested because he was a pirate but he got away. He went into a blacksmith's shop and there's this epic fight between Will and Jack. That fight was one of my favorite scenes. (Two very handsome men fighting. Who could resist that? Miranda is a lucky woman and so is Orlando. )

    The fight scene between Jack and Barbossa and Will at Isla de Muerta. Plus the fight scene between several other pirates on the ship. Again, the instrumental was playing at the background. Awesome. Jack pretended to die when Barbossa 'killed' him but when he stepped into the moonlight he became the immortal skeletal beings just like Barbossa and the rest of his crew. The way he used his last bullet on Barbossa and he was like "10 years you carried that pistol and now you waste your shot." Then Will replied "He didn't waste it." and drops the last 2 medallions which was stained with Jack and his blood into the chest. Barbossa, kind of seemed like he was actually relieved. Obviously because he was able to feel something after a long time, even if it was pain. His last words "I feel...cold." and collapsed. It was an excellent scene. Jack finally got his revenge and Barbossa became mortal. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.scene. Watch the epic Jack vs Barbossa battle here.

    3.Transformers 2: Revenge of the fallen
    Michael Bay, again. It's usually a lot of guns and fighting and explosions.
    Sam was preparing to attend college without Mikaela and Bumblebee. Before he left Mikaela gave this surprise to Sam? while he was talking to Bumblebee in his garage. She was wearing a white dress under her leather jacket and pants and was holding a bouquet. Sam came out and he was wowed. She was waiting him to say the L word and he was like you didn't say it either. His parents were watching the whole thing. and never say never by fray was playing in the background. (The awesome beginning part. I'm not saying the whole song isn't one, it is. The beginning is very awesome as well. That song is so perfect. It just fits every damn mood. and I usually watch this fan made video of the song? It has bits and pieces of Sam and Mikaela. If I am lucky enough to find someone I really like I would want to dance to this song. :O ) It was one of those scenes. A girly one, but in a good way.

    I like Sam and Mikaela more than I like Sam and Carly. Here's a bit of Mikaela and Sam. 

    The epic battle(s) between Optimus Prime and Megatron. The Deceptions attacks. Megatron killing Sam. Sam's afterlife. Loved all of them. And Wheelie. I wish I could have Wheelie as a pet.