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  1. Bubbles in my brain

    Saturday, September 4, 2010

     Hey guys! Yesterday I came up with a series of questions to annoy my mom. It went like this.
    Me: “Mom! What was I like when I was about 2 years old?"
    Mom: "Like a girl?"
     Me: “Did I cry a lot?"
    Mom: "All the kids cry"
     Me: "Did I laugh a lot"
     Mom: "Everybody laughs"
     Me: “What will happen when I wake up and find that you aren’t there?”
     Mom: “You will cry to grab attention” Me:
    “What if no one was outside?”
     Mom: “Then someone else will hear it”
     Me:”Nobody was home”
     Mom: “The neighbor will hear you” Me:”She wasn’t home either”
     Mom: “Then the next neighbor?”
     Me:” Each and every person in our district weren’t home”
     Mom gave me an are-you-insane stare and said “How is that possible *you are impossible*”
     Me: “They had to go to their dentists and doctors.
    Mom “All of them?”
     Me:”Yeah! The doctors took all the days off for the rest of the week.”
     Mom gave me a you-are-driving-me-nuts look.
    Me: “What if I fell from the bed?”
     Mom:”Why will you fall from the bed when it’s fenced?”
     Me:”I climbed over it.”
     Mom:”You can’t climb over it.”
     Me:”That’s possible. Okay! When I fell there was a scorpion on the floor”
    Mom gave me a you-have-bubbles-in-your-brain stare and she was annoyed (A)