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  1. Top Chemistry reasons

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    Ten reasons why I 'used' to hate Chemistry:

    1. Our chemistry teacher in 8th grade was a huge liar. (I'm serious. He didn't teach us mole concept but ticked in the list which is handed to the supervisor and he promises to send me to the toilet if I listen to him and later ignores me when I yell "sir" at the top of my voice.)
    2. Diamond is hard, not soft.
    3. All the chemicals keep spilling onto me.
    4. I cannot taste the chemicals (I'm sure If i got to taste the chemicals I would have fallen in love with Chemistry at the beginning of my 8th grade)
    5. Blue litmus becomes shy the moment an acid arrives.
    6.Metals dump their partner for stronger and powerful metal.
    7. Cations forget about me and are always attracted to the cathode.
    8. Carbon dioxide spills milk when lime water is in taken.
    9. Isotopes have the multi-personality disorder.
    10.Oxygen plays the big brother role for aluminum.

    Top 5 reasons why I love chemistry now:
    1. I fell in love with the pink color of phenolphthalein in alkaline solutions.
    2.Hydrogen is the well-known pop artist commonly known as "the princess of pop".
    3. Francium is a nuclear bomb.
    4. Helium takes me high up in the sky.


  2. I less than three you, red high heels

    Monday, October 18, 2010

    Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock. High heels! When u are wearing a high heel everything's high namely u, ur legs, ur dress and ur height. I have always been fascinated by high heels, specially red ones. Red one indicates that u are confident and since it is a vibrant color it radiate positive energy. But red high heel's indication is completely different for me. Red shows that u can murder any one at any time. It shows that RED colored blood flows through ur body unlike others. The biggest advantages and the reasons I admire red heels is that it goes very well with faded jeans (just my view). I adore them cuz they are red and heels. Unfortunately I am not able to wear them =/ I know "awww! thats horrible!" Some people rush to break the heels since I am, u know, to-ah-alll -.- I mean tall >.<  (8) Oh red high heels! how I wish to wear you..!! (8)
    ........So I’m going out tonight
            In my red high heels 

            I’m gonna call up that old boyfriend
            You said still has it bad for me
            I’m gonna take him into town
            Flaunt him around for everyone to see
            Well you said so yourself
            You know the deal
            Nobody holds a candle to me
            In my red high heels ..........
    That was background music :) I thought that u guys might want background music O_O Oh well! Nites! Oh and wish me luck, tomorrow I have English exam. Sleep tight sau, sleep tight all of you <3

  3. The 'untitled' bunny

    Sunday, October 17, 2010

    This week a friend of mine and I had a debate about names. The debate was mainly about a topic which wasn’t worth debating. It was about ‘Aishath SauSUN’ and ‘Aishath SauSHUN’. As you can see SauSUN is better than SauSHUN. SauSUN radiates positive energy in all of us since the word ‘sun’ is included in my name. However, SauSHUN radiates negative energy in all of us since the word ‘sun’ is missing from the name. Shun doesn’t have any meaning, it was just included in the name for easy pronouncing (since the kids find it easy to pronounce ‘SH’ words than ‘S’ words. I did a lil research on ‘names’ and I’ve come to a conclusion that if a person is extremely good at saying ‘ugggghhhhhh’ then name that person as ‘pleasant noise’. Call ‘Charm bomb’ if one is very charming. ‘Peach’ is probably the best name to call your ‘the one’. A fashionable person who gives you advice in almost everything you do, the most appropriate name for that person would be ‘The fashionable mom’. Call ‘Casper. The friendly ghost’ to people who are gregarious. If someone is stubborn and is a pain in your ass then call that someone ‘restriction’. Call ‘fungi’ to people who usually comes with a booger to the school. ‘Lolly pop’ is the best name to call to people who blocks your way in a cinema. Stop calling nerd to people who are enthusiasts in studies instead call them ‘Life ruiner’ (This is cuz parents mostly include their names in lectures)
    whatever might happen keep Bunny, peach, cream, cheesecake, blueberry, pie, shortcake on the top of your name list.
    PS: I posted this boring post cuz I haven’t blogged in a while. I hope you wouldn’t consider this post as ‘boring’. (A)  Xoxo