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  1. A lot of my readers are complaining because they kind of don't know much about me. So I guess this had to be done.
    I did not know what to write so I Googled some questions and here are my answers to them. I didn't include the question because you'll know what the question is when you read this.

    * Well, about me, My name is Aishath Sausan. My friends call me Sau.

    * I am 19 years old but you already know that because I complain a lot about almost everything in my posts and only a teen has that many complains. lol

    * I am from Maldives. It's a small country in the Indian ocean.

    * I started this blog in 2010. It was titled 'Sau Sun' back then. However 'Sau Sun' didn't have a nice ring to it so I changed the name in December 2012.

    * I thought of Brown beaver hat when I was watching Fox crime channel. White collar was on and white collar+Neal Caffrey+his black hat made me think of it. and it's a beaver hat because magicians use beaver hats. The black ones. But I wanted my blog title to stand out, hence Brown beaver hat. My friends think it's a great title. (But then again, friends support each other through thick and thin. So I want an honest opinion.) What do you think of the title?

    * In my opinion, beautiful movies are the ones in which a main character dies in the end. or just a sad ending would do.  I enjoy sad scenes because I think it's more real.Hence I have a condensed favorite movie list.

    * I am a supporter of 'Men should always wear suit.' I just don't know what it is about men in suit but I find them really smart and hot. Shirt and tie works too.

    * Never have I ever grown my nails. I would like to, believe me but as soon they grow I just bite them off like licorice. My nails are naturally long and slim so it doesn't look bad even if my nails are short. (I wasn't bragging.)

    * If I ever get a pet it would be a fish since I don't have to pet it or touch it do anything.

    *My dream vacation would be an around the world cruise ending in Verona or Bora Bora.

    * I have 2 brothers and a sister. I'm the youngest one in my family. I have a niece and a nephew. I am also the only member in family who is single. Now you know one of the many reasons why I wrote Raging thunder (Marriage) post.

    * My biggest celebrity crush (male) right now is Tom Hardy.

    * I think the prettiest Hollywood beauty right now is Penelope Cruz and then there's Victoria's Secret angel, Miranda Kerr. She is so gorgeous. I loved her and Orlando Bloom together but we don't have that little happiness in the world anymore

    * I am single right now.

    * I'm short sighted. I have been wearing glasses since 2007. In 2011 I started wearing contacts. When I consulted my ophthalmologist in 2010 both of my eyes had different power but as of January 2013 my eyes got a bit better and now both of them are the same power. This was my first good news of 2013.

    * I am extremely tall compared to the girls (and some boys) in my country. I like being tall. You can always see what the short people do not see. (Above their heads ;) ) .

    * My eye color is a shade of brown. I am right-handed. This reminds me, I have huge hands. Seriously. They are enormous. I call them 'man-hands.'

    * My favorite pizza toppings right now are tandoori chicken, beef bologna and spicy beef.

    * I would choose flats over heels any day. Snickers over Mars. Red bull over any energy drink. Pizza over cheeseburgers. Vanilla frosting over chocolate.

    * When my A'level ends I am planning to learn 3 foreign languages. (any suggestions?)

    * When I first watched Breaking Bad I couldn't watch 3 episodes in a row because it was depressing and sad and so real. So I had to watch an episode of Two and a half men after watching 2 episodes. Breaking Bad is awesome and deserves all the fame and awards it is getting. Heisenberg and Pinkman forever! (I don't  support cooking Meth and stuff but this is an exception. You would make this exception too if you watch it.)

    * I wrote a story and posted it on Wattpad in 2011. No one, except myself knows which one is my story and my username. (Hint: My username is something from Dexter. Maybe a serial killer's name, one of Dex's ladies or something.) I did tell a friend and a cousin about the story but I didn't tell them it's title. What is life without a few mysteries, eh?

    That's all I could think of right now. But if you want to know anything else you are more than welcome to ask.

    Thank you. :)

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