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  1. I less than three you, red high heels

    Monday, October 18, 2010

    Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock. High heels! When u are wearing a high heel everything's high namely u, ur legs, ur dress and ur height. I have always been fascinated by high heels, specially red ones. Red one indicates that u are confident and since it is a vibrant color it radiate positive energy. But red high heel's indication is completely different for me. Red shows that u can murder any one at any time. It shows that RED colored blood flows through ur body unlike others. The biggest advantages and the reasons I admire red heels is that it goes very well with faded jeans (just my view). I adore them cuz they are red and heels. Unfortunately I am not able to wear them =/ I know "awww! thats horrible!" Some people rush to break the heels since I am, u know, to-ah-alll -.- I mean tall >.<  (8) Oh red high heels! how I wish to wear you..!! (8)
    ........So I’m going out tonight
            In my red high heels 

            I’m gonna call up that old boyfriend
            You said still has it bad for me
            I’m gonna take him into town
            Flaunt him around for everyone to see
            Well you said so yourself
            You know the deal
            Nobody holds a candle to me
            In my red high heels ..........
    That was background music :) I thought that u guys might want background music O_O Oh well! Nites! Oh and wish me luck, tomorrow I have English exam. Sleep tight sau, sleep tight all of you <3

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