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  1. Desultory facts

    Friday, December 7, 2012

    My last two posts were a bit serious so here's something 'not serious'.

    1. As a child Johnny Depp was surprisingly allergic to chocolate. (Probably children's nightmare. I'm sure he was quite disappointed when he went trick-or-treating.)

    2.Nicole Kidman is scared of butterflies. (I hope she doesn't get butterflies when she's with her husband, Keith. That would be just err I don't know. If she's scared of butterflies she wouldn't want to get butterflies in her stomach, right? )

    3.Taylor Lautner has a black belt. (That's kind of cool, I think)

    4.Robert Downey Jr dated Sarah Jessica Parker in the 1990s. (I think it's good that they split. Just my opinion. I'm kind of a huge fan of him. Who can resist the charming Tony Stark and the clever Sherlock Holmes, eh? Oh and I'm not a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker.)

    5.Matthew Perry is missing part of his middle finger on his right hand due to a door-shutting accident. (Not his toe? In F.R.I.E.N.D.S Monica dropped a knife on his foot and he lost his toe. I needn't say this. I'm sure you guys remember the thanksgiving episode where she and Joey stick their heads up a turkey's ass. Wow. I felt like Red Forman for a while. "My foot up your ass". He is a great dad.)

    6.As a second grader, Jamie Foxx was so talented at telling jokes, his teacher used him as a reward. If the class behaved, Jamie would entertain them. (That is one clever teacher. I wouldn't mind being in that class. But I'm certain kids these days won't behave in the classroom just for jokes. )

    7.As a child, Jim Carrey wore tap shoes to bed just in case his parents needed cheering up in the middle of the night. (That is so sweet? )

    8.Julia Roberts' left eye tears up when she gets nervous. (At least she can't lie about not getting nervous on set.)

    9.Usher holds the Star Search record for the longest note by a child: 12.1 seconds. (Impressive!)

    10.Every 15 seconds, a Beatle song is being played somewhere in the world. (No doubt there. Love them.)


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