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  1. Favorite movie scenes-part 1

    Saturday, December 22, 2012

    Everyone has different favorite scenes from movies. Here are some of my favorite scenes. The numbers doesn't mean that it's my number 1 or anything. It's just numbers.
    I have a lot of favorite movie scenes but this post contain favorite scenes from only 4 movies. I've been a bit busy. But I will post more favorite movie scenes later. Maybe I might even post favorite scenes from TV series.

    1.Men in Black 3.

    My favorite scene is when the younger Boris the animal with two arms surprise K and colonel. K then kills Boris the animal after he killed the colonel. A boy who was inside a military vehicle then exits the vehicle and calls 'Daddy. Daddy'. K then introduces himself as 'Hey, my name is K. What's your name?' The boy replies. 'James.'

    He then saw the pocket watch which was revealed earlier to have been passed downed to Agent J by his father. The colonel. K neuralyzes the younger James and told him his face is a hero. Agent J was watching this whole thing happen. The fact that he was watching this whole thing and finding out the truth about the watch and explaining Jeffrey's revelation that he was there makes it one hell of a scene.
    Then there was the scene at the Shea stadium. The Griff was viewing his favorite Mets game in probability. He was viewing through this portal? The portal looked really good. Electric blue-ish. That's exactly how I've imagined a portal. How cool would it be if you could view your favorite moments in history like that?

    2. Red riding hood.

    Valerie (the red riding hood) assumes Peter (her lover who is a woodcutter) was actually the wolf so she stabbed him and ran away to her grandmother's cottage. (In this movie the wolf returns to its human form after transitioning into a wolf as it's a werewolf. You don't understand a thing I'm saying, do you? Never mind) But it turns out to be her father. He was waiting for her in her grandmother's cottage. Her father wanted to leave the village and he wanted Valerie to come with him. She refused her father's offer and started to fight. Peter then came and help her kill the wolf. But he got bitten by it. As it was the blood moon week Peter became a wolf because he got bitten. He then leaves the village promising that he will return only after he learns how to control his curse.

    Now my favorite scene is the ending scene. Valerie moved into her grandmother's cottage. Valerie was outside the cottage when she hears a slight growl in the dark. She turns around and saw the wolf and smiles. In the background this eerie beautiful song starts playing. So so so beautiful. I sometimes play this scene over and over again just to hear the beginning of the song. I know. I'm weird. The beginning of the song is the my favorite part. Here's a link for the song. Crystal visions by the big pink.

    3.Pearl Harbor.

    The funny thing about this movie is that I kind of figured out the whole thing when Rafe crashed his plane into the Channel. I knew he didn't die and obviously Evelyn and Danny will get together and she will get pregnant. It's one of the side effects of watching too many movies. and series.

     Even the mysterious ones, you solve the mystery on your own and find out the killer is before it is revealed,(It is mostly the unexpected ones. The wife or the husband or the friend or brother. Someone close to the dead guy.) except 'Sherlock'. But I knew Irene's lock code before Sherlock found out. I was so proud of myself. Anyway, back to the movie. You should really watch Sherlock. It is awesome. I think my brain's foldings increased since I started watching Sherlock. Haha.

    The surprise Japanese attack scene. They sank battleships and many many  other ships. Whirlpools were created with every shot. It was pretty cool. Well, it was directed by Michael Bay so I guess that explains it.
    There was one more scene which I really liked. After the war, after Danny died, Evelyn and Rafe got together. Evelyn and Danny's son. He was playing with some grass? or visiting Danny's grave? I dont remember. Rafe comes to him and says 'Hey Danny, how'd you like to go flying?'  and they fly off in the old biplane. That was a great scene. Not only you see Rafe and Evelyn together but you also see 'their' son named Danny. and the fact that Danny, (the old actual one) died makes this a great movie. (my pov)
    See, this is why I say beautiful movies are the ones in which a main character dies.

    4.The Hunger Games.

    Great movie. I loved it. The whole movie was amazing. Truly captivating.
    The scene where Katniss goes for the evaluation. Her first shot didn't hit the target so the 'evaluators' they laughed and carried on with their conversation and dinner? Katiness was puzzled? Confused? I don't know the exact word. Then she shoots the bullseye. But no one paid any attention. So she shot the apple which was in the pig's mouth leaving all of them shocked. She bows and says 'Thank you for your consideration.' That was pretty daring. I loved Jennifer Lawrence in the movie.
    She is actually pretty funny. I've seen a lot of interviews of her. Really bubbly and friendly. I've watched a lot of interviews of celebrities and her interviews are the ones which I can say is you can never get sick of them? You don't know what she might say. Down to Earth and everything. I hope the fame doesn't change her.

    Okay, so the next scene I like is her interview scene before the televised games. It made me wonder 'Hmm..maybe that actually happened to her in real life.' (Her first interview I mean) She didn't hear what the interviewer was saying because she was bewitched by the huge audience. They were cheering her and everything. Then she swirls to show her dress on fire. That's some cool stuff.
    The next scene has to be the first few minutes of the televised games. Half of the tributes got killed. It was an excellent scene. The tributes running, trying to survive some grabbing some supplies. Katniss running, grabbing some stuff and heading to the woods? You can actually feel the adrenaline pumping? Her quickened breath and heartbeat rate. Yeah, It was pretty intense.


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